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Where have you been?

Posted on September 2, 2018 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

We hope you have had a wonderful summer, lots of creative days, lots of hard, fun work.  Maybe expanding one's mind? I repeat; write what is worth doing, writing about it.  And ... do what is worth writing about.

We here at PGPLLC have been very busy.  I have been building effects/modules original with the notion of pulling a booklet on building a European mode patch chord synthesizer of your own creativity.  The count is eleven compleat circuits and less than half a dozen modified kits.  It is a fantastic trip to throw some diodes, resistors, caps, transistors and chips. I have been circuit scavenging running the remains and mods to a tv channel controller!

So we have actually put the maximum allowed visual images onto this site.  The blog is still underway, hoping you will pick it up, checking it out tell friends, and let us knowing what you want/like.

Also look at peripheral projects relating  to publishing; er go, booklets, postcards, radio, posters and foto and fine art book covers, et c.  All else journal (suggested 3 pages  X  a day, no make ups, no getting ahead.

Have a creative day/week do, ... and keep it trucking on.

Thanks, (and our email address is now [email protected] please note.  And really call any time day and/or night leaving a message if app-licable!)

Todd  at the Holy "Goats!"

(below a possible book with cover idea.)

One Word. Growing,

Posted on April 29, 2018 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

B.Dylan-"He not busy being born, is busy dying."

Write what is worth doing.  Do what is right/worth doing.

I tend to gravitate to the betweeners.  Why? They are going thru a growing process. At the barrier reef the outsiders are bright beautiful ones.  The inside creatures are dull lifeless.  Which would you choose?  Remember our promises to our selves?  It s never too late to start now.  The NRM? Not national records market. NRM--next right move. Life is full of decisions.  Practice. Get the feel or it.  Develop yoursef and others.  Discussion groups, classes and workshops, reading!

Jump in/  Sketch out a portfolio.  Sketch out a thesis/  GO go go!!!


Today/Once a Week?

Posted on April 21, 2018 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

No?  I have been making tons of effects-label circuits and are puting togather 4-5 at a time ultimate control of the harmonics.  Unbelievable.  I have been able to "think in the task-tone color and manifest thru the circuits.  My course work is coming to fruition.  Have some fun/productive times then write like hell ... .

This is today.

Posted on April 14, 2018 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

What has a problem while banking? I have to pay the doorman to use the door.  Pay the weatherman to which way the wind blows, ... ?  I just went out for a paper?  So this week was full of it.  I have come to a meeting of minds saying move though it.  I had finished a custom jumbo classical/flamenca acoustic and to the rules a violin is in the white.

Building effects circuit boards for guitar is the best I could do.  I got ranked 482 on May fifth in jazz.  That is in the world minimally six thousand people minimally behind me.  A piano improv was the thrust.

Do what you want on the free time.  Then write about it.  You will find the right projects!!!

Thnks, Todd

USA and the Promise of Liberty

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Liberty? Really? ,,, .  In 1996 I got  my passport to move to another country?  I had about $3K in my retirement to pay the US government what I owed them.  I tried and tried (before 2008 ) to get my STRS facing adverse conditions.  Apparently someone did not want me to leave?  After being beaten then by ten people, apparently my surprise graduation (Arts and Sciences-mathematics, M.A.) party I have worked hard to progress. The university where I taught/studied had a very good environment ranking being number one in the state campuses of our state when I left. MENSA acceptance, master of arts degree, a novel manuscript ( 1995 ) in hand, ready for changes for the good. I had made so much progress the last five yrs.  I hung on mostly to the intent/evidence being the manuscript, the "great (liberty) American novel."  My? Art belongs to people.  No?  The land of liberty meant we were globally free, at say even at liberty to leave?   I usually take as an understanding of progress to be the realised gain from a point in the past, on the move, still, otherwise. 

Why liberty now?  Writing is one of the most reciprocatingly cognitive expansions of the cerebral nature.  And liberty is the desert being monitored.  ... And this construct, "liberty"  guides the oppressed, those who are limited by destructive situations. It is a noble obligation, like planting a tree, having chidren. Work is art. Art, work.  Work generates work.  Giving work is a blessing.  Work is a tonic.  Art, work, creativity are subject to exercises for a better life, self/community.  Writing, creativity that is, reaping the yield of coffee/writing mind/ generative activities, energy so sacred.  Writing rectifies, regulates, makes right and balances mood where before simply depression and anxiety were clinical and adversarial.  Befriending melancholy?  Yes.  For me it is an old friend, an old friend that allows me to see a better depth of the world, staying in touch through head, hand, heart.  Make it a land of true liberty.  Be.  Be the manifestation of the construct liberty.  Rejoice!  Ah, (freedom, just around the corner (Bob Dylan) to you.

Think of Being ...

Posted on February 24, 2018 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

In regards you are the avant garde.  Nothingness has in being ... nothing-ness. That simple? Some, others, don't mind, mind.  They are yielding growth.  Growth happens when responses change for the better.  Ethics committees need be in use and straightening out itself.  Everywhere.  "Study houses" everywhere.  All individuals will advance by knowing consequences and ethics.  There will be no need for formal government and anarchy will not be in the"old pre-gain" days/  It is not an "alone" state of being.  Individual situations of self-knowing ethics grow.  Maturation  is helping. 
Torah has that a group, a community had required all must obtain ethics as a basis for individual and in general, in communities.  Again,not "Sid Vicious" anarchy.  A driven  justice, both individual and group/general public (All), a "fair court" before G_d Blessed Be He.  Yes. 

Think of nothingness, Well?

Posted on February 11, 2018 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Nothingness follows.   Homework;  Q?  You lead.  Take the reigns

What were we thinking?

Posted on February 11, 2018 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

What is new? The big celebration with us, here at PGPLLC, is that a client recved $1100 for his books.  I keep saying; dont leave five minutes before the miracle happens.  I am approaching a large number of manuscripts, and in the first re-evaluation of manuscripts the distribution is key.  Approachable at the least part, yes.Today and last night I have my twenty and so patch chords as the puzzle unfolds.  Have fun.  Start NOW! Think. Inventory converted to a usable time line adds power.  Count all successes you can.  From walking to yard work ... .


TE McCormick, M.A.

You dont need a masters degree to write.  Write what is worth doing. Do what is right for you to write about.  

Eye level. ...And Other Constructs with Consequential Events.

Posted on January 27, 2018 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

An early action is to take defense for your eyes. I will begin w/ this and grow with a wholeness, completeness to either unboundedness (eternal skies/lives/stories), to either also bounded and compleat, say compact with density of "story." (and for your story say?:  Take what you want.  Leave the rest.)

 In some areas compactness has, as a connotation of "context dense."  The Rule of Three, (... doeth puzzle me.  Practice drives me mad.  Multiplication is vexation and division just as bad.  The Lewis Carrol thing?  Yes.) ... the rule posed is the trichotomy we are looking toward; all situations?  The work for all is to communicate events punctuated with "moments."  And include/entail as an exercise expression. 

To being having had protect your eyes (theme) is begun with awareness by relaxation techniques of Dr. Benson some years ago.  And ... I add even some transcendental techniques, id  est, stopping temporarily at the top and the bottom of the inhale/exhale.  It is a powerful learning tool.  Free association is at home here.  What is positive/negative ... and neutral, at least for the time being is in its manifestation.  (It also is an organic method of tuning into one's body with the factor of time.)  The sky is literally w/ no limitations with its fluidity.

 The cases are these three for a beginning, body and a reiteration of what was exposed as a basis to the learned/exposed.  More easily-Say what you are showing/demonstrating this idea (showing)/finally the repeat of the motif, the theme however liberal.


Here we have awareness of threats to one's eyes as well as healthy loci regarding position.


Here is manifestation.  We are developing wellness to a compleatness as the goal/achievement in comfortable "healing." (dis-comfort, dis-ease) Familiarity in a supportive positive way, an objective where one becomes more comfortable, at ease creating sequentially wholeness positions the construct in closure.  The need for more is better becomes healthily replaced by a contentment. This is an anti-pathogen step, like introducing a vaccine in smaller doses to "train" the immune system and integrate say a tritation level, so to speak that combats the pathogen and forms a conducive environment, whether learning and labor.


In the review section, i.e., here, we thrive on slowing down, say, arresting  even ... the psychological toxicity and relish the shift paradigm bringing us to closing our eyes and having restful restorative view.  It may take a few goings at the comfort level.  A strong decision and strategy are to add to the tools the associations as a connecting/connected system; a network then is in bathing in ethics for decision making, here seeing an integration making the construct as component status.  This opens simply to growth, the final ie, progess.  And always over perfection.  The state of wholeness is an equilibrium of transactions, as the Nash Equilibrium Theorem in economics, etre.  A state of wholeness with all in preserve. The rest?  The exercises are left to the student to create by the gentle provocation, the earlier paragraphs.

Thanks and bye for now. TE M.