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At Purple Goat Publishing, we are focused on providing access to contemporary books, electronic and otherwise as our products and services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again!  Also see our Facebook page and writing group.  Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

FYI.  We were formerly Naked Lunchtime Publishing, an Underground college scene writing group .  As Eric Fromm's book title goes, Escape from Freedom.  Pagan Kennedy?

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(T. E. McCormick A10a (12/4/2011 7:18:23 PM))
Many positive things have happened.  A 400 plus pp. art book is sitting in a folder for duplication from the master.  Mostly they are oils (like the one to your left), some watercolor/ink (60 plus count) and other assorted works, experimental photography, er go.  We have acquired some more electronic  widgets.  A music studio is underway.  We have been inventory seeking/achieving for better words.  Our computer tech person is working on format efficiency.  We have at last count 53 mss. by T.E. McCormick, M.A. in addition for the capacity of twelve volumes of scores/audio twenty tunes each, on CDs custom made.  A book of land surveying has begun.  Also started is a book of personal finances/investments/healthily working w/ money.  We are inventorying music, art, writing.  A work behind the manual of our first complete year at electronic publishing has led to book cover design w/ original art, logo art for newly created businesses/others,  and a new video of the band 2500 Todd, Ciara, Matt made it to YouTube.  Also we have started some film ideas to relay to you some cool images and acknowledge change.  Stick w/ us.  We mean to take it to "the ground."  After being struck by lightning (the computer's power source thru the phone line), losing our first comp tech person, monster genius, John Lewis now deceased, a theft of $2.5K worth of equipment, and a few other diversions we have plowed thru the resistance nevertheless.  We are strong w/ the energy to pull this thru successfully.  Our hours will be changing to better serve you, and progress  w/ the brilliance.  Ask for any services/products you want.  We are rather ingenious and have a quite a bit of the touch w/ ingenuity there.  Try us.  Go thru the pp. on the website.  They are meant for you!  Enjoy the images.  ("Remember source yields image."  

Have fun, T.E.

The Ghoul was a childhood experience I will never forget.  Although he was much way low on quantity time, the Quality was an immersion in a creative intensity, a rule breaking regalnik beat on the  beatnik path ruling the television/film media that was a sign of acerbic light in the kookiness of life in the sixties, post fifties residual effect of the great characters that came before us.  The Ghoul rock and roadsters forever!!!   May the Purple Goatniks.  Cleveland rocks!!!  Yeah, Man.  Like the Ghoul?  Buy Goat on KDP.   We'll get it formatted down the road trip.  Look out!!!   (Like my rendition/sketch.  Let us know on contacts.  No spam.)  Rock on.

T-h-e-e-e-e-s-t   second             of the GOAT TRILOGY.  Yeas, sahibs!  A new cover!!!

Here, here!!  

    the Dead, ... "This is all a dream we had one afternoon, ... long ago."


w/ luv from T.E.

(all for now.)  Find your place on the montagnu.

G_d, Blessed Be He, the Creator likes it when you partake in his world of creativity.  Roam, if you want to ... around the page, pages, website,  ... around the cyberspace world in eighty days!!!  We will be getting titles reformatted.  In the meantime enjoy the music and art.  We have electronic book cover services and access to another three, four hundred original paintings.  We suggest if you want to buy something from this talent, seek Ephemeral Mind of a Climber and edit it, generate ideas, free associate.  Keep creativity alive ... by creating.  If you are interested in anything, let us know on our contact page.  Try out the blogs.  (We are on Wordpress and just started/began Tumblr,  too.   Soon to be  on Shopify.)  Join our writing group on Facebook!!!  Lead the path of your own creativity.  We have 275 scores of "32 measure Art Tatum mode"  and longer scores (up to 500 m. plus)  for piano, piano w/ accompaniment, quartet; will form individual volumes on request of twenty scores and volume.  Let us know on contact page-Purple Goat Publishing, LLC.

Here I am in all my glory after a Vivitar editing/experimental photography lesson!  The maternal Swiss blood really shows.  Mensa must be social AND genetic!!!  Keep the faith anyway and CREATE!!! "Blood in my eyes for you." B. Dylan

Check the blog and elsewhere.

Long live work, art and discovery.

... McCormick ...

 asks you to find your creative needs, and feel free to integrate and to catalyst the elements w/ his life's works in music, art, and writing.  We believe in generosity @ the Purple Goat Publishing, LLC.  We, you and we, are huMan the Artist.

OKAY, d'accorde,  Gosha.  I am a social-istevek.  You are gudt.  Have fun.

This is a notice that wherever I have mentioned my membership to Mensa I might have used the expression "mensan" rather than "a member of Mensa."  It is true I (T.E. McCormick, M.A.) am a life member of Mensa.  My twentieth anniversary is coming up in March 2015.  It was brought to my attention that "Mensa" is copyrighted in America, one of a handful of countries where this legal status is held.  When the expression "mensan" is used it is similar to being closer to the "Xerox phenomenon" in the English language.  I ask readers to cognitively substitute "member of Mensa" for the "other utterance" until all changes have been made.  All corrections will be made to the best of our capabilities and as soon as is reasonably possible. Thank you, Dan Burg for bringing this to my attention.  T.E.