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T.E. McCormick (author search/find.)

C.  Keattes, a fellow writer I met in 1995-6 has just finished his second novel from the Bay area.  He is  cerebral,  like ink and a social group of squid, the ink down his spine catalyst to communication contains a sound body, an active body within the cover, conclusive in a stimulating, thoughtful and provocative path. Efficacious to welcoming connections of the network of "esprit"  he captures  Essence? Like Quality?  Yes. To say, his voice making progress with change and resonant movement with vibrant life outside likened to a barrier reef, he trods and treks to new literal heights. His first book Blue impressed  without artificial impressions, sans boundary issues of a non-dimensional presence of en toto mundo.  What captured besides attention?  That stream-of-consciousness is not for the ugliness of William Faulkner, say from another light "unvanquished." What was captured? Said the spirit of a liking to a rare Bob Dylan and his book little known?  ... Tarantula.  In a similar lateral way another time, a same time has manifested.   November 2018.  Easy choice for worthiness as a decision algorithm.  The "rhythm is right."  He is alive a phoenix of sorts!  Live on.  Write on, C.   TEM.  and thank you.


PRODUCED/RANKED TOP FIVE HUNDRED "POUR" JAZZ IN THE WORLD (482) with minimally  six thousand  (6G)  "behind" ... only competing  with my own past! Brubeck, M. Davis, Yes, Mississippi- H. Ledbetter, Art Tatum ... enjoy what we made for you. 29th of May, 2017 with Reverbnation, like the old climbing days soloing 5.12,  climbs of such new hts... Yeah, et al 

We are revamping, doing inventory and have slowed down with the art gallery.  Some statements may be outdated, needing updated and some are still ok.  Our apologize for any inconvenience.  Our new email is ...
noble1066a2 @gmail.com
May 29, 2017 482nd on earth in jazz (reverbnation), that is top 500 globally over thousands! a piano solo 20:27 made it! kudos for te mccormick!!!

We have started in film music with rs ebert; a documentary on domestic violence/sex abuse; te mccormick at the end on piano ( ... and into the credits.  on a thirty-five minute sample.) also we worked with each other on the cover and with electronic/experimental and camel-hair brush "technique" (similarly with a thought provoking poster? yes.)  it will appear as a free pdf through us. see their site.  you will be surprised to  know our services. just ask. do also check out an extra-ordinary writer Charles Keats.  find a copy of his Blue, ...  and see it in a similar "journey" Bob Dylan's Tarantula and Dylan-esque stream of consciousness. who couldn't spend a life reading that stuff?  Go Chuck!!!  

We have a new cover for Waifs Planet. Now to find a good fit hiring a format person.

Here is a new cover for Goat Prince.  We make posters and book covers in our, our business.

Work begets work.  Art begets art!  Check out the whole site.  I am sure it will make your day that much a better day ... and sooner.  Thanks folks!

For the High Holy Days. Anyone believe in prayer?  Okay, affirmations? "Born to Daven."  We are selling tee-shirts with the art to the left for $12. ... 100% cotton.

It seems we have experienced the ten feet rabbit and ...Alice!

The book cover is for a beginners group  and the living pirke avot. From the birth of psycholinguistics, dialogue oriented, insights application  and especially applications of the first created by G_d, Blessed Be He, said to be so ... the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet!  Find your study house. "Nu."

Okay children of ALL ages.  If you want a free electronic copy, pdf of or mobi, maybe, just maybe epub of Goat Prince and the Fabled Prize ... let me know.  I will send you one. Make it safe for everyone. 

Be good,

The Goat!

This is our newest author, seasoned in robotics technology, Dr.  M. Bitetti living in NYC.  Look for the Neuromorphic Cook Book soon.  Today (9 17 15) he had 93 readers on the lending library for the Cook Book. There are currently twenty (20) books of his available @ Kindle Direct Publishing. We are coauthoring on sci-fi books. Doing progressive mathematical chip design is also a project underway w/ Todd McCormick, M.A.  He is also a Gray Rights Activist!!!

He has an autobiography, science facts behind the story, science fiction "dream" story, about-the-author, has hit the benchmark of 100booklets and manuscripts of over 900, and he keeps on ticking!!!. (got to find his more recent photo.)


Fantastical book!

for the 
Holy Days 5777/8  day nu 7.
An early business card ... .

We are celebrating a healthy sales event for Marco, surpassing  one G, a grande ... . with sales two weeks ago. Kudos!


Matthew McDade is an artist from East Palestine, Ohio. Residing in nearby Salem OH, now, McDade specializes in acrylic-on-canvas paintings of an ethereal nature...

Just a note on our good person Matt.  He had the brilliant ...  business/social/ "holism" decision to put his art to thee tee-shirt graphic design medium for support for those in the nasty tangle of opiod issues.  We support active in " recovery mindsets."  We had good success with the tee- .  Any groups are welcome to get backing for such ideas in other situations.

Hi!!! We have a new jazz album on ReverbNation, the Jazz A12 Tracks.  Lots of work and worth it.  Under Todd E. McCormick. Check out the MP3.  ...  PIANO SOLO 20:27 too. (temp down 28 06 17) TEM, pgp llc was in the top five hundred globally near the end of May 2017.  jazz!!! to you in la uncle Don t-bone man, dec. long live the light of jazz days. 20/27 is on hold until their site is upgraded for long     tunes played. (maybe in a few weeks?  July twenty-seventh  today, ... 2018)  we do have currently  the sheet music for my over two hundred and fifty tunes.  ask/will send.  first 250 customers free! limit of three tunes per address.  we no-spam here. email  with my g-mail currently, please/thank you.

Photo Gallery??? Nearly 120 ALBUMS! with many photos per album of a w-i-d-e variety of subjects.  We have a new artist up and coming; Matthew McDade. Talent.


reading marathon with marco. come join the living, breathing great Marco the Great-o and the read-a-thon-o. whoa-ee whoa-whoa.  Stay tuned in, whoa-ee, whoa-ee whoa-ee.

This gentleman is hot. See Medium.com for his articles at the site.  It includes currently at least the first chapter of his autobiography including many characters where he paints an image of his environments at various times inhis life ... .  say, descriptive?  Say, ... yes. We are grateful to be working w/ him.  He has a great deal to contribute.  This is an amazing man, a fantastic human being w/ incomparable progressions of insights, intelligence and timing.  His manuscripts continue to be welcoming and be coming to us.  He is very professional, and no one has a reason for not enjoying/reading his lay person works and see the ideas of a robotocist.  And a programmer/engineer?  He has material for you also.  Heart-felt works.  What a time in history? Yes.  He and T.E. McCormick are coauthoring a series of science fiction (n=12) books.  Marco "no-flame-out" still and continues to be so productive. (And he just won a lawsuit in federal court with discrimination in cyberspace!!! Way o go, Marco!!! (May 2017)).

Try to dance around the next blurb.  Our apologies when and due! Below was some difficulty technicality-wise.  We will be remedying this.  Thank you. As it were.
Currently Goat Prince, a fictional prince/princess story/journey is available. Also the How to Climb e-book is available.  We are going to reformat these and the others.  Check them out and let us  know the readability, please.  Thank you.

HAVE A HAPPY YEAR, ... 2017, 5777 (Lunar/solar Jewish calendar), the year [0,1] reading zero, one, Boolean algebraic calendar, and at least the Year in Lie Groups. Lol!!! The "happiness choice" plus "waiting" (still, in motion, ... in rest position and dynamic as well) equal "patience."  id est, Are we there yet?

TE MCCORMICK IS CURRENTLY (5-29-2017) RANKED TOP 500 GLOBALLY IN JAZZ WITH REVERBNATION, TOP NUMBER ONE  WITH YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO. CHECK HIS MUSIC OUT                                                                                              &WOW!!!
We have our first YouTube up;  Search w/ KLEZMER Todd,

Ciara & Matt are noted guitarists as well.  Our second video is up.  Todd in his first TV comedy troupe, Garage Television (Kent).  No audio (to be used in a music short film vid.)

And wow, on January 16th, 2017 won first in my area in the genre of jazz.  I am working with besides VP, ReverbNation.  Stay tuned.  Rock on.  Heavy on the back measure!!!  May 29th 2017 in the top 500 globally in jazz!

Jonathon Slavens extraordinaire is responsible for the new icon, pure brilliance, genius, ... bright is an insult.  Go Jonathon!!!

We are on YOUTUBE NOW!!!

Search for: PioletA1, a short "movie-ette," ...

Gaston the Messy Painter ... 


ABOVE ....  

is a silent motion picture from a comedy troupe airing of the ski bum/Vancouver film student routine.  Contest ... make your own audio!!!  After that is a sample clip of te and c doing a punk song "Tony Blair."  Now you know why I make boutique effects pedals/modules as a hobby.  Integrate what you want.  Leave the rest;  Find a meaningful activity in life. For the soundtrack check out ReverbNations, The A12 Jazz Album by Todd E. McCormick.  Scores are available.


COMEDIC MINIMALISM PLUS PUNK ROCKING BELOW!!! Gaston the Messy Painter and Animal Ski Man will rise again ... .  By the way, ... during grad school we had an alternative independent international band aka as the Kent Dharma Band!  Yay!!!  We are, the music is being revitalised.  Hang on , sloop, hang on, ... and as well, on the ear we must fly!!!

This (below) is for a comedy troupe scene application, although the serious version ought be available given ample time and voice lessons?

It is a fleeting moment of either Ig , perchance?  ... Sid V. in respects of the stress levels could do to some body of people whilst amidst a sound check.  Societally see it through.  There was a time in Biblical about Kings in the Book wherest every one individual, i.e., the "group"
knew ethics and practiced it with fellow citizens.  There was NO need of government and inclusive of "anarchy."  

The name of the new concept album is this gentleman's soon-to-be-released CD INSTRUMENTALLY SPEAKING!!!  Eureka!!! yYou/I have found the find of the millenium: jazz, jazz, jazz, fusion, rock, ... and on and on it goes, unbelievably unreal, ... the musician of the day, of the year, ... retiring on his self-employed career and moving toward the heavens with  deep "spirituality progress" in his musical "job description."  He has "a ton and a ton and twenty-five "of recordings, and we will be carrying him.   His name is Nick Senanefes, stage name over the years with bands, the Mediterranean Cowboy.  All this time he has been a five minute drive from Purple "Bloom Where You Are Planted" Goat Publishing.  We have started on the works of a diversified, might say heterodoxy of a CD compilation; a more homogeneous CD is also in the works.  We have some business with film background music with Scare and Crow LLC being on the path manifesting, sweet bye and bye.  Also we will have samples on the various MP3 "venues."  It is n "only for love, never for money" mindset you understand.  It is part of a spiritual, say "awakening" on the pilgrim's path, cowboys and cowgirls! Be looking for updates and the latest CD/album concept; Instrumentally Speaking!!! Let us know. May G_d's Will be inclusive of patience and fall under "Be slow to judge."

We have a new pulse running thru the Goat group.  Her name is Patty Murphy, LPCC, M.Ed.  We are so glad we have her on board.  She has counseling and reflexology services. See her business card left and down.  Contact the Goat and/or her. I know this is an asset in so many ways for the Purple Goat people!

We are working on more links.  The art above is rather  special and fairly large.  It is by TE. See Photo Gallery for much more.   We have links to audio files that are available.  The request came from a member of the Mensa electronic music special interest group.  Search and enjoy.  We have three compositions that are samples from the 250 comps/scores/tunes he created in 2007/08.  We are holding our own as "classic" new age,/electronic/synth material.  Enjoy and savor the work!!! Ask and it is mostly for sale.  We have at last count seventy-four (74) manuscripts include music composition scores.  Looking for a formatter to also teach/do a light workshop.  Locally is preferred and/or equivalent!(We have as yet between Marco, FJ Kluth's mother's note on the Holocaust and poetry, (and me) we have 95 mss.  (September 2018)

TAXI SERVICES AVAILABLE,  for Salem, Ohio and surrounding cities.  Please, see Services pages for details also.

TAXI ...

service now available for Salem and surrounding areas. See services page for details. Senior discounts, 24 hours service. Low rates. Fast service. 


JUST ASK!!! Jazz, new, new age/relaxation, klezmer, other.



AND PLEASE ... TELL A FRIEND!   THANK YOU SO MUCH.            t.e.m.

Still got it.  We have a team of three working on the formats of the Kindle books.  Some future ones will probably be going to the non-Kindle route to cover fairly a basis and reach more of our audience.  In the meantime we have been working very hard on blogs and the photo gallery pages every week.  (If you have been following; five blogs went into the event horizon, temporarily disappearing.)   Please, enjoy the moments w/ us, a source of art, music, creative writing and creativity in general.  So,  ... contact us and thanks.  We would love to accommodate you.  Our big win w/ our teaming up and giving our support is the progress Dr. Bitetto has made, from a book count of nothing adding some requested mentoring, reciprocating, w/ cool-headedness, consulting, more consulting, phone, emails, skype, web-work and his long, hard labours coming to fruition, 56 books about the cyber book circles and an appearance, a classic for writers, at a NYC bookstore.  I have currently 65 mss. (T.E. M.)of my own waiting patiently for editing/formatting.  You can see the first art book taking morph/shape in our web-incubator, id est, the photo gallery albums, 500 plus images from Mensa-Int'l member T.E. McCormick.  We are also doing book covers and logos.  (See above and left.  Below is an MP4 w/ T.E. McCormick and troupe performing an original version of  a 2.500 year old melody freeing ourselves from the Diaspora of sorts, from the Holy Land. Play it, please and enjoy it.  It is much too cool, and resembles the sacredness of the Dead and the mysticism.) More shall be revealed!!!

Adam and Eve to the left.  We now have over 250 oils/inks to see, use for book covers and graphic design otherwise.  Check out the Photo Gallery page, and there are some tunes to listen to one's enjoyment, serenity and peace of mind.  Please enjoy this website.  It is entertaining, educational, vocational and creative.  We are, yes involved w/  writing. E-publishing on!  E-Gutens, hi!

We have volumes of twenty compositions per volume w/ accompanying CDs/MP3s for app. 50 minutes a CD.  We have 12 standard volumes.  Create what timbre/tone colour, synth choices of the world's best in our library! ALL AT SHOPIFY; Purple-Goat is the name of our digital store where we sell non-digital products.

YES.  CHECK US (Purple-Goat) OUT @ SHOPIFY!!! Let us know what you want thru the CONTACT PAGE AT THIS FUN WEBSITE!!!

This is truly a unique purchase.  For professional musicians to hobbyists/listeners we please your maturing, developing audio experiences!!!

We must apologize.  Our current e-books are in dire need of formatting, and we are slowly making progress.  We ask you to enjoy the copious art in the gallery and the supportive blog for the creative/creative to be along w/other services.  Thanks and thanks again for understanding.  I can assure you that the writing is the quality of the art. We love to resolve our issues and work with the gestalts.

Thanks again,

The Purple Goat.

We have addictions and mental health services that are geared toward creativity, et c.  See the Services page for addictions and/or emotional well-being needs. We are certified in Ohio.  Check it out.

Happy Holidays!!! Check our sites on Facebook and vistaprint Purple-Goat-Publishing for music, art, and contemporary writing.

we love it when you see and hear what we have.  Turn on your senses!!!

feel free to review what we have.  work w/ us.  "Get to know us."  choose happiness!  it is people first here at the purple goat.

Here we know you have luck at what you are looking for. let us know what you want, what your needs are,





                   ROCK THE 


Hi, oh savvy ones.  I want to take this time to say thank you who have visited the site and niches, will have visited,  are visiting the Purple.  For those who are, say "green,' feel free to become seasoned.  I would also like to ask for prayers and/or meditations.  I focus that, "The world is complete and whole as it is.  I accept it completely, more and more.  It would have been enough w/ the free gift(s) to create coming in contact w/ the Creator.  I spent the last two days in hospitals w/ my father (below w/ pen in hand.) who has been so supportive of the Purple Goat Publishing, LLC project. (Starting in 1967 cercas w/ giving me my first guitar, he playing his ukulele.) No lush stuff.  He is "recovery-ing" from a mild heart attack, and it was my turn to be supportive.  He is doing well. Thanks for everybody already there and supportive and others who appreciate a supportive person in one's creative life/mind, parent, friend, Higher Power, G_d, Blessed Be He, et c.  Communities, neighborhoods, educators, business  people, doctors, innovators, creators, thinkers, doers, meditators.  Thanks again.  Todd.

Do you want to see/buy some of our "hard copy" products???   LOOK soon at PGPLLC's Kindle Direct Publishing where two books are live, eight near-await, and fifty-four need more drafts/edits/formats (and/or) generally being our Purple-Goat  store for your shopping resolution concerning non-digital products! We have the coolest TEE-SHIRTS AVAILABLE.  At our latest graphics and small order and large TEE-SHIRTS in our style with YOUR TEXT AS IN "CHOICE WORDS" meaning WE guarantee 100% satisfaction in the "probability-choose" the GOAT GAME!!!  Original paintings; two hundred and fifty in our own stock. for $4.50 and it is our first book in print; Ephemeral Mind of a Climber, a classic contemporary brat pack novel ... .  Smart stuff in the original 1999 form.  ALTERNATIVES? SO? Click KDP, all have paper potential at request.  print on demand/POD really is h-e-r-e!!! Quad Erat Demondstrandum, that which was to be demonstrated/shown, ... QED, Quite Easily Done, do say.   ... then enter the Purple-Goat World.  You will love it. You will never be the same. You will ... never be the same. As in music the same phrase never really exists again. you are unique like everyone, and we have that in common. enter the purple-goat world. whaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!!!!!

NOW FOR SALE  @ PURPLE-GOAT-PUBLISH!!!  32" by 32" OIL. T.E. McCormick. (on gallery/musee stretcher bars) $10000 USDol

see sinister (left.)

lucky people, now is the new printing press, the cyber-Gutenberg era.  the closest we have to the gutenberg bible is goat prince, where prince and princess find the proof for the existence of g_d.  (FROM RABBI KUSHNER's literature)

Click above for Kindle books w/ Amazon by Mensan T.E. McCormick!!!
Many of our books are free.

tolkien-like, hobbit-like???? try goat prince

 BY t.e.mcCormick!!!

  He can write!!!   

oI VEY!!?!!!

All of our pages and books



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If you do not see the Services Page, you are missing out on some free-genius-raving raw material tunes. Doeth, si vous plaisir, and makest sure you checketh out ...

the    Photo Album,   a relaxing webpage; (paintings, visual)  ...

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     the nasty-gnarly Services page rocks the arkenstein; MP3s. MP3s, ...  more MP3s coming,  ...  and more creative stuff.    Yea!!! ...   yes!!!!     Yes, in deed.    

   Keep an eye!!?! for the Gothic of Gothic paintings, ... after d'Vinci on SHOPIFY  by mensan t.e. mccormick.       

Allow abundance in your life.  

On the CONTACT page, let us know what services and products, products and services you want!!!  Talk w/ us.  Ciauo.

 Check it out.  ... And we are expanding!!!   See below the basket for books and giggles.  Sacred stuff.

Freiheit klingen ... klangen farben klingen klingen.       
Ja.      Rock 'n Roll.  Uh. huh. Yea!!!

We are entering services for a place to shop!!!  Find mint copies of our paperback, Getting on google!!!

The Ephemeral Mind of a Climber 

  soon!!!  Limited edition, contact for a signed book.

The yoga book is still in the works, and book cover design is making progress thanks to artist M.P. Cooney.  And guess what???  What?  What we want to announce is that we are working on a 282 pp. manuscript, putting it into format, a manual for running an electronic publishing  business fresh from 2012 to 2015. (2010 is the conventional genesis of the revolution in the post-Gutenburg world).  It is rich in knowledge of the e-publishing world.

Thanks for visiting the Goat!!!  Yes!!!  The autoplay is an original composition by T.E. McCormick entitled "Two Seraphim."  Does the above sketch remind you of Frida Gustavsson, Swedish artform? Check out our photo gallery page, simply "delische." (-, /, forward slash being the new end quote and whirling dervishesque generousity killed the writing cat ... "hyphenator," ... .)  Check the Services page for more audio of T.E.M. and new and improved to come, ... en route to a progression of ever-upward spiraling movement. We have now available ten new eBooks. (May 2017 on hold sans a count of two). Hey. This stuff is good.  Did I say now available?  Yes, they are on Kindle by author T.E. McCormick, musician (May 2017 number one in jazz charts in Youngstown, Ohio/Reverbnation, globally 627th.), artist, writer of fiction and nonfiction, Mensan extraordinaire!  (Download a FREE KINDLE APP.)         (note; We will be pulling out temporarily the ten present manuscripts ( of Ides of March 2017 era-nature).  Audio and art are on the shelf and taking requests especially of the art?). Negotiate!

Find the books produced by author T.E. McCormick through the Kindle Store for a wealth of opulent reading w/ more on the way in spirituality's time.  See the  photo gallery for the cover views.  Check it out!!  Good stuff!  

See/view the Photo Gallery avenue @ this site for a look @ the book covers and a bit of descriptions!!!  And see ... an added feature to a foreground/shadowing of an art book; a free Goat's gander at caricatures, watercolors, and sketches by same T.E. McCORMICK, prolific creative. (Is he for real, ... or surreal, unreal ethereal, ... what?)  Over fifty works.  

Hard copy/paper Ephemeral Mind of a Climber is available used and found searching Google.  We have now in stock 700 mint copies here @ the Goat remaining in light through the Contact page. 

 (By the way; Did you know a "GOOGIE" is a fifties coffee shop?  I'm just asking.)  Wild Mind of a Climber (Of "help protect your wild life.") is the working (e)title (w.t.) ... (w.e.t.?) of Eph Mind/Clmbr to be free of confusing a situation. I got to see A. Ginsberg alive and well 1996 (5757? An accident?) and near Memorial Day, ...  and too a conscientious objector.  We were in a parking lot alone near my apt. the next day after his show. He had a yoaurt/yogurt/union treat-eese.  Smiling. "Remember Kaddish." A real "Athena" moment.  And maybe PEACE between the Turkish people and the Kurds?  This is a Purim, "Many Hamans/Only One Purim" moment dating the entry. 5777.

Again; a must see cyber-tourist attraction.  We have over forty, wait, changes over ... fifty print-art pieces that are coming about w/ over two hundred and fifty more en route mostly medium to large oils.  We are out of control!!!   Aaaargh!!! Look and look out, JAZZ KATZ!!!  Cafe habitues of  dur international cyber-googies live the beat'n beatnik path.  To ...  the living! ... end!!!  w/ the international/American invention called "jazz" et al...  played "like there ain't no such thing as sin."  Partake of the cerebral pleasures, philosophical/religious/spiritual provocative thoughts in Goat Prince, etc.

Hellooooo!!!   More creativity in expressing the creative energy.  Check out and buy this painting/artwork at Shopify; Purple-Goat-Publishing!!!.  It is truly art, the human body to be ... yoda, yoda, yoda.  Be free of coveting this health work of art.  Artist; T.E. McCormick, Mensan.  2015.   Return love w/ love, et c.  More shall be revealed.  Look for more art, vis. audio, and contemporary literature.  Thanks for all of the support.

Book your flight to the world of ART however it manifests itself !!!

See our ebooks.

Wait!!!.  D. Byrne, 

"This is not my beautiful house.  ...  This is not my beautiful wife. ..." To the sinister, l' gauche, "the Left" is not ... T.E. McCormick, Master of Artes,  a friend of a friend of V. Nabokov's cousin.  That is V. Horowitz.  Nevertheless, ... a gentleman and a scholar.   And can he write, compose, sketch, paint?  T.E. McCormick can.  Artists only?  Creatives ... ?  In a land far, far, away,  Only here.  You are your new frontiere.

Yes. Yes, indeed. And he wants to share his gifts w/ you.  Read on.  

Do society a favour.  Fight illiteracy.  Yes!!!  Read a book.   Expand your mindset.  Take in McCormick's "spice trade."  It is "T.E." time.  Art of the kraftwork, craft of the art??? ... "She blinded me w/ science ... ."  Let the Muse blind you.  J. Ferritto, M.M., Yale, " Go blind!!! (forte)."  "Prolific."

we love to meet your artistic needs w/ our services and products.

G_d gives us the "nutz," and we are to crack them!

Look around ... 
                      our, ... your world.

Here is another beastie problem to solve to make such not worthy of the Queen's English plural visually "nuts."  Beastly!!!  Noteworthy rather, like a resolved motif.

PLEASE AND DO LET US KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, Thnks.   (Look @ it long enough and it starts to do one of those orbital paths like a mojo-ing Ramones tune.  Say, three dimensional (id est, 3-D),marathon Bilbo Baggins films are coming toward you.  Nestle in for a cup of tea on a chilling night, creative creatures-comforts features, yea.)

     We hope you can find everything you need. Purple Goat Publishing, L.L.C. is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and over-deliver.
     With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
     We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

The King of the Universe is God, Blessed Be He.  "May G_d bless you and keep you always." Bob Dylan.

GOAT PRINCE is a spiritual journey.  One can find it on Kindle Store shelves in electronic mode.  If you do not have a Kindle electronic reader, one can simply download a free version/app onto desk/lap.   Our books are much less than paper and some are free.   Yes, for free.  There are over a million books available on Kindle now.  Jump in the game. Don't forget to say, "You heard it here from the Purple Goat."  Thanks.

We have also Wild Mind of a Climber, Waifs Planet, and a nonfiction How to Climb, the Ascension of Zen-pithicus. We Dress Like Spies has gotten released by the Ides of March.  These books were written by Mensan T.E. McCormick and are easy to read generally although challenging and  good brain exercises as well as the climbing field guide to spirituality and bodily exercise. 


We now as well have a series in each; spy novel (Spy Talk series-We Dress Like Spies, Coffee and Conversation, Couples Code, brat pack- Goat, A Kid Will Eat Ivy Too, Goat (Meaning), and a solo as of now in the genre of science fiction, Waifs Planet.  Buy now, and take advantage of low prices.  Be-have.

We would love to hear from you.  We will at some time also be in the Smashwords group, Nook/Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.

These books are intelligent lion-share gray matter, a learning experience/psychoactively educational, the utmost cool and thought provokingly seriously well and good reads.  Your future books on the shelf NOW and others to come are in styles similar to and although  unique, a house blend of B.E. Ellis, Douglas Coupland, Nabokov, Tolkien, and Kerouac/Ginsberg, as well as a Timothy Leary that never was, so to speak the mind's eye.  Behind closed doors are faint traces of Robbins influence at times (Goodbye, Janette).  Wild Mind of a Climber is an experimental style for the cognitive experimenter, id est, in a thinking experiments style  as well, socio-fiction..  The spy novels are fun, more along the lines of Mike Myers meets Bond, ... James Bond w/ unbounded moxiness and mojo.  The science fiction is as well a fun series and a little, say we, retrospective as well as futuristic, time warping microbus, string theory crunching karma defying rules of so-called time from the well-bled paint digital inked Beaten Beatnik Path fifties/sixties to a new time and space and guided by the rules of attraction busons-international style.   

Have some terrific (2010s) 'tennies.'  Read our books!                                             

                       Thanks from the Purple Goat!!!

We have a large selection of original oil paintings available.  Check out art you see on this websight-Photo Gallery, and see if it is for sale (contact pGPLLC.).  To the left is a sample, Perls.  We at present have over 300 oils on canvas and ink on watercolour. $160 to $10K-oils

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Celebrate w/ T.E. McCormick, M.A. on twenty years as a life member of  Mensa this March in the glorious year of 2015.  Enjoy the free artwork on the Photo Gallery page and his music on other pages.  To life.  To life!  (2017-577i) Above Dylan wins the Nobel Prize/Literature.  James Taylor and the Kennedy recognition also manifested.  "Something in the way she moves."  Or as Mancini would have said, "Lucky ... ."  Good things blooming.  We love to have you, readers.  And be free of forgetting Jusuf and his new music.  World peace and listening to the wind/soul of the heart!  Off to the Zephyr Zoo (catching wind of the coffee maker.)!