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Local Writing Workshop w/ Suffix eConference Globally

Posted on April 29, 2017 at 9:35 PM

Take What You Want, ...  and Leave the Rest;

Spring and summer surprise!  A surprise? IOP (Intent of purpose) might be a catalyst; Our intent is to make the world a better place to be through creativity in music, art, writing, and learning, education and work (for "self"-improvement, yes, no one needs to be alone not by choice, to recve and give, abundance instead of scarcity thinking, frugal actions, intelligent decision making,  developing talents (old and new). We have had returns/responses that are requests for workshops, mainly writing.  We are calling them Picnic Bench (Writers' and ...) Workshops, realtime and afterwards for those who cannot make it, "suffix cyberspace" break-out sessions.TE Mccormick will be there, a few employees expected and anyone else, members of Purple Goat Publishing's FB writing group, open, referred, et c. who wish to attend.  The Picnic root/radix workshop is open to anyone as long as you reply by the first of June 1st, 2017. For those locally with a reasonable transportation solution we will have two sessions three weeks apart; tentatively the 10th, 20th, 30th of June. For those at a distance we will have an immersion "three act" series of sessions on the twentieth (20th).  

Creativity, mindset paradigms, reflections on Nat Goldberg's and J. Cameron's writing books, et c. with relevaent discussions on thinking skills; Tony Buzan-mind maps, Dr. E. D Bono's clustering maps as well and thinking hats, ... including thinking skills, life experiences, goal-setting, creating your own writing schedule, the twenty-four hour envelope-where the brain works best, and electronic publishing/fledgling and a "raven" with seasons covering the "desert" rich in opportunities, stepping stones, journey paradigm shifts, rights and freedoms-id est, taking away the toxic and poisonous "playmates" searching for a supportive "renga/ring" of the writer; choosing yourself/otherswriting about what is worth doing/doing what is worth writing about, blooming where you are planted (conference folks look out!) Location will be in southern NE Ohio, east and twenty minutes by auto from Pennsylvania.  

Like a healthy learning experience; learn something about your passion for writing, further develop your talents wherever you are, and meet people with similar interests.  This is a win/win competition environment situation.  Working toward similar goals, we have strengths inductively, exponentially.  The Jewish culture has a saying if you might pause to have an open-mind, ... "Unite and conquer."  Affirmations, self-hypnosis, meditation, relaxtion techniques, word association, and being the generating producer rather than solely consumer.  Life member of International and American MENSA, the int'l high IQ society, the oldest on earth, Todd E. McCormick, M.A. will host.  That is me where I also  have penned fifty-four (yes, 54) manuscripts (mss.), some in first draft, others to pre-editorial ms. status, a couple have been edited in the non-edit-yourself class. (MENSA is that group M. vos Savant of Ask Marilyn belongs (married to Jarvic, the inventor of the artificial heart and also deceased Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer amongst other notable such not and others elucidated event horizons.) That is me.  Take time and as well showing interest, let us know what other topics you may like to see and activated in the workshops.  We will allow time at the second workshop for collecting any ideas you have and want to share, seeing more. See the contact page adding ideas currently to supplement our program ... .  

There will be a small fee for beverages (coffee-the magic sustenance that interfaces itself into words thru our brains lol.) and a donation.  Cruise our website and  get a bit of a "picture" of this art of writing and the current expanding llc into  Purple Goat Crew LLC  of areas "worth doing" such as guitar/violin making and repair, composing, general art paradigms, creativity, documentary work, changing one's life for the better, life goals/livelihood (pro or for the love of it ... "given two choices" ... both.)  

And finally ... we will as an option be learning to be a beginner again ... so you may better pursue "closeted dreams involving " ...  creativity (also creativity in one's work place/business being your own or an employer's, including to step outside your repertoire/skills list adding an efficacious new set of additional skills and developing  old ones), the dreams that can be initiated and become stepping stones on the journey convergent to said dreams.  Goals might be continuing studies, portfolios, active energy from inertia to momentum, finding supportive peers, recovery from toxic lives to ascending the "active in recovery" movement ... AIR, the acrostic that contains transcendent connotations and being a "body that is no burden, it is as light as AIR." (Capitals added for intent.)   We are serving our community, the world of local/global!   We are open to responses for future breakout sessions, again topics, fields of interest, areas to enrich oneself, ourselves, to give your talents, abilities, capabilities, and gifts, however big and small.  Come join us.  Choose yourself!  Oh. ... We are not intimidating and cherish well-groundedness.  I.e., bring your own humus. (lol properly.)

Have a healthy moment between events, 

TE McCormick, M.A., publisher.

P.S., Ten books of ours on KDP are being "put in the shop for repairs" where WILD MIND OF A CLIMBER is the tentative first book fully formatted to reappear.  WMC is the e-version of Ephemeral Mind ... .  Thanks again.

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