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Being in the Moments This Week.

Posted on April 8, 2017 at 10:45 PM

Wow, what a week!  I hit 99 on my pageviews to-day.  I got a cool collage and a CD cover working for myself/another.  I got feedback from a filmmaker I am publishing with her documentary/book she is looking forward.  I have worked on my taxes/profits-losses some.  I played some mean violin and built an effects module component from a schematic and such on YouTube. Got some progress on the classical guitar.  (I put a heart-shaped zebrawood piece at the tailpin.)  I changed my monitor background to the collage.  Cleared some emails (I have over 8K.)   Bought $100 worth at a close-out at Radio Shack for $35.  Looking at now September for the book/doc./domestic violence topic.  In the meantime I have said my blessings for the filming/Haunted House movie.  Back on track I have been ahead of the mud issue in my driveway.  Gravel and mulch are $100 together app.  And the most important ... I have harvested enough songs I have recently written to pull off an album.  The business has a bass guitar now.  I have added it to the studio repertoire after fixing some electronics, jack/potentiometer.  The writing was so fun.  I found old poems and revamped them while my business assistant typed and kept things in line.  Get thru the writers' block.  Me, myself, and I need to hear it once in a while.  Information Age factopid for the week/day;  "satan" in Hebrew is an infinitive meaning "to hinder."  Also we had an interesting Bible study discussion.  Whew.  Grab the day!  Moments at the begininning and end contain a moment!

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