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Syn-chronos-nature. Time Will Tell? Why? If Not Now, When? Will (One and the Many) Time Tell?

Posted on March 31, 2017 at 6:40 PM

Serendipidity is revitalised in J. Cameron's The Artists Way.  Like Twiggy in a Woody Allen movie, maybe instead of lumberjacks with French-style tee-shirts?  Okay, we have all had a good ... "time" now.  I just hold onto the idea it is on my eighth year in the guild of American luthiers.  I cannot help remember the first time my father taught unions when I was in elementary school.  He taught it objectively representy both sides, pre 1970, ... the May Fourth Tragedy.  

It was not the unions that were the problem;  Unions in general do well in idealism, applied with least resistance, create (sans crime) an environment of well-being, applied in pragmatics with convergence to the idealism, serve a purpose of a better quality of product, work production with both product/service. It was the associated crime and ethics that were violated that created opportunities of growth, to learn the lessons that come from so-called "failures" in decision making;  Through objectivity it is one of the best tools, although lacking absolute situations to any purists, the perspective, sometimes to some a paradigm shift resolves direction.  

There is well-being in numbers, healthy numbers, the "one and the many" each being healthy, and there is the presence of an understood guidance to create a convergent group on the better decisions.  By law-based guidance, by a faith in commonalities as well heathy in character, a construct joins making a new entity, a "being" of sorts. The maverick, the "outsider," the catalyst, comes from outside the box, the aquarium, the group objectivity and brings another shift in addition to the event(s) where solutions are found.  It is an old story;  Leaving a "village."  Finding a new "village."  He/she gets resistance fom the new village.  He returns to his village of origin and shows his people as well a lesson taken from the other village.  All gain, although there is always change with a measure of resistance.  Convergence is directed, rectified, regulated, made droit zeroing in on the number "zero." The group if "unable" with tools again within the group are resolved with an "outsider" that  sees the problem and integrates his/her skills, capabilities, abilities, experience, expertice, )as say weighted means, not usually completely equal in weight that is, to say with a better choice of better words, If compared with the individual, gifted in intelligence, an honest hard worker, healthy in many ways, of a lion's share in most applications the maverick is at not the gain alone as the group is alone.  Together with an understood common goal, resolution takes place where the one and the many are integrated in the "project" as say symbiotic. In resolution within the group "alone," the question is when do we bring in the "maverick," not anymore less than "if not now, when?" I am happy with my guild membership.  The more tools that are available now work to an advantage, to advantages for better convergence to resolution. It takes creativity to make a difference, need say ...  change, ... and for the better.  I hope you will be blessed to see some synchronicity this week.

All for now, thanks,

T. E. 

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