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Sometimes Backing Off, Yields More Productivity.

Posted on March 25, 2017 at 9:00 PM

Have you been feeling like you are pushing too much, too much for anyone's good?  Sure one needs to be healthily motivated.  We need to make progress for healthy, worthwhile goals.  Sometimes though there might be something minor to listen for in resistance.  I am not talking about stopping your writing.  We need to be mindful of signs along the road.  The last thing I would say is give it up.  There are too many advantages to practice writing, that is to have a practice of writing.  It is relatively inexpensive.  A word processor, paper at times, and/or a flash drive and you are ready to go.  The thinking skills are improved.  Your verbal/writing skills get better.  It is educational, you are on a learning curve.  Writing is a good skill for studies, and pursuing personal goals, like hobbies or at work.  At my last job I lost track of how many tiimes I had been asked to edit, proofread grants and what not for the program/curriculum director over the eleven years I was teaching people with emotional illnesses.  (Yes, I frequently taught writing classes and rerlated learning experiences.  The eleven years went by too fast.

Lately I have been pushing much too much.  It reminded me of the job I had in graduate school.  I was a clerk at a special order, small bookstore in a "college town."  When someone walked in that faintly look like someone who would enjoy contemporary novels, I was on the floor pushing Ginsberg, ... .  After a while my employer, the owner asked me to take a few steps back.  It made sense.  We created more a library environment rather than a used car mindset.  It worked.  Everyone was happy.  I walked away learning, "More can be achieved by less."  Recently was Purim, a Jewish holiday.  One of the lessons was that.  A small army could defeat a larger one, tactfully.  (For those into etymology, et c., "purim" is plural for "lots."  Haman was throwing lots to see when he would try to destroy the Jewish people.  Short version.  Small army won.

Also it is good to see if changes need to be made.  It might be a good time to reevaluate goals and especially direction.  Keep in mind the general sense of direction for growth and gains.  My father went to school with Neil Armstrong and have heard how many times the idea of navigating and correcting for adjments of "trajectory" to achieve the destination.  Here with writing it is indeed a journey not a final destination although we do stop at interesting places.  Choose life.  Choosing writing as part of one's life helps one to be aware of events, to focus, to see the refreshing details.  It is an awakening, an epiphony sometimes.  Drop out. Tune in.

Good day!  


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