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Mother Was a Druid, Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Posted on March 18, 2017 at 8:45 PM

What life lessons this week may I share?  I learned this week that stepping back from toxic signs and duress cause a yield and progress nonetheless.  I backed off on social media reach only to recve work here on something I love to do and had started a passion for this "so said" inanimate object, namely the guitar.  Next year I would have started playing guitar fifty years ago.  That is when I was about five yrs. old  in other words.  I had lessons then at five, very little playing after, ... until 18-19 yrs.of age, an adult.  The first secular song vovals-wise was Huddie "Ledbelly" Ledbetter's Cotton Bolles/Cotton Fields.  Tick-Tock on the guitar at five, in G u Emin.  g-e g-e, g- ... with maybe a few f sharps.  As an adult it was "After the Gold Rush" by N. Young.  In D and three verses.  Lessons, some here, some there, some on  my own, like the study of billibong chords coming up with a chart of over 150 chrds, rarely if really ever in "cheater" chord books. I printed some out and had them laminated.  Id est, available and cheaply.

Lessons otherwise.  Do not underestimate the heart.  In Fare Ye Well,a 1963 song by B. Dylan said the necessary; "With my hand, and my heart and head, I will send what I know back to you."  That tells you what music is all about.  In short and deep.  I had ended in my home town to live in the area with much sacrifice.  It has turned out to be one of the most productive times in my life, ... and ... Do not run.  That is it.  If you are working toward something, they start to throw it at you with more to come, do not then take the natural response? and run.  Bloom where you are planted.  When you see that you will have practice blooming wherever et c.  Bloom;  Buddhists say the chant "Om.  Man ni pad mi. Hum. ... hum? It means in Tibetan and/or Nepalese, "Jewel of the lotus, unfolding. Hum." I.e., Bloom where you are planted, where you are.  It is a deep acceptance of perspective feelings and cognitive ideas.  Thoughts/mood, id est.  And more of the unseen ... .

Another event and a second was repairing a friend's bass guitar with a compleat fret levelling and other more minimal upgrades.  He was quite happy.  And as a hobby free of stress, it is quite enjoyable.  We bartared services basically for the most part.  The performance outcome was on the outstanding side.  In other words he was very happy.  I remembered the small business orientation and the statement to go by, "Under-promise, over-deliver. It worked!! Yeah!!!

Have a wonderful day/week/ month/season, year.

Todd E. McCormick, M.A.  (This week deserving of a master's degree.)

I also repaired my father's laptop in time for taxes, games, et cetera.  He was so happy, and happy in general about what I have achieved, although it feels like I am just starting out anew.  Figure?  Go,go, a-go-go.

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