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I Want my U-tobee

Posted on March 11, 2017 at 7:05 PM
Hi and having a productive night.  I have sitting before me a six inches high stack of fotoz to scan, do xperimental photography and a schematic of a module/effects circuit w/ components soldered less the input/out jacks and the pos/neg wires to solder to the 9 volt source.  I have interests in music, art, and of course writing.  I am sketching out way beyond the healthiest of projects.  Last week I found a good source for some brainstorming.  How do you go about formatting converted files when the count for mss. is "n=74?"  And after an occassional repair I set out to pick up guitars at the flea market, make them a little more playable and sell at costs, the proce of the school of hard knocks.  I benefited by picking up techniques and have now buily a classical and a violin through a kit and flea market parts-neck, and stew/mac of Athen, Ohio for an ebony fingerboard.  Those two are "in the white," id est; no varnish/lacquer. And they play.  I used the guitar for a track on the Opera soundtrack for the remembrance of "last hippie in Kent," Robert E. Wood, artist, philosopher, and a soul.  I did the rest of the music as well.  They were compositions/synth and studio work w/ acoustic timbres.  The libreto was by John Kluth, that is readings by John of RE Wood's writings/journal.  John is very ethical and mores-rich.

Well-groundedness is an undercurrent, a manifested frequency to be turned on, listened to, for me a "guide," when what ... our befriended creativity  gets to a screaming pitch of decision making, a say, feverish pitch. For me anger and decision making do not make it, leave me free of my own grounded self.  It is historically for me not true to the true self.  It is an "outliar," a phenomenon in of all things stats.  It is cast out from the herd.  Do not misunderstand the idea, please.  I see mavericks, black sheeps, alpha males, alpha females,  the biblical snake, the fallen one, a character in a David Bowie song (Ziggy), yoda, yoda, yoda, ... Hamans (despots meaning cruel and evil people like Haman, casting "lots" reading in Hebrew as the word, "purim," id est, again plural of "lots."  A gamble. A lottery was to reveal the day Haman was to eliminate the Judaic poplutation. where G_d loves the persecuted and hates the persecutor, a reminder of what is right.  Nuff' said.  A warning, a caveat innocens,; stay angry and lose everything.  Been said.So it is one manuscript at a time, drafts, edit, conversion, and finale; formatting.  My guess from my viewpoint is do it all yourself, perhaps less editing, which is usually better done by an outside perspective.  An exception?  Edits might need  to follow a set of directions called, the book; Edit It Yourself.  It alone has two influences for me.  One that someone other than myself has believed in a self-edit.  The other is why does that book exist?  It is the norm to be edited again by another perspective with picking out the erroneous zones that someone else might miss.  It is a diversification with a purpose.  Cover the arse, please, yes.  And; you cannot see it til it is finished. Some such the words from a lyric/David Byrne.  "Free yourself from mental slavery."  dec. Bob Marley.  To our well-being. "Go, go, go."  dec. Amy Winehouse.  Make "the study house." Be creative, get the knack.  Feel free to check the art-Photo Gallery page, eye candy of mostly PG-54. Okay, we have all heard the jokerman now.

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