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Posted on March 5, 2017 at 12:15 AM

Writing is easily restored with an olden solution, and that is music. Maybe King David might have leaned on some auditory material?  To write some Psalms (There are 150 by the way.) Healthy decisions of music choices can enrich the mind, trigger advantageously, make references that one might not experience in "real life."  It might change that decent-sized group of words to your descriptions and decisions adding color.  The Chinese Book of Brush Painting (or some such title) says "plainly;"  "Add color for wealth."

In some European languages the lyrics are referred to as "text."  Yes, yes, that has another meaning now with the smart phones, et al.  The sounds without words can stir emotion, cognitive and described constructs of the imagination and consciousness.  With words, say "text" in a Euro-sense descriptions can be enhanced by tone color, vivid description, connotations, synergistic audio, visual, and even olfactory and sense of touch, "feel," (I cannot help but remember one of my dad's jokes. He would say, "Are those pants cotton?  I'd look at him curiously.  He would pinch my leg pants included and say, "They are felt now."  Lol.)

I am a big fan still of "contemporary eighties writer" B.E. Ellis.  In American Psycho he goes to great details of the simple "medicine chest and neighborhood."  It is not where it goes on like something forever.  It is just outside a heavy tolerance to boredom.  Boredom brings peace.  The first verse is the intro in a liberal sense.  The hyper-descriptive brings a textbook of creative writing theme concentrated in context density.  It is a fine example of student exercises, although at the professional level.  High art/low art.  Any difference? Mike Myers is a boldly said, "NO!"  Are you writing NOW?  You are probably contemporary in genre of a perspective of sorts.

What I basically am saying is go outside limits;  Yes, describe.  Awareness is the first key to sanity and serenity. Use the whole you.  Wholeness and completion are health.  That is something you want.  Even if it is the case that you want to be the "Next S.King."  Look up, read about Nabokov's synergy, a neurological, sensual situation meaning of the senses.  That is where the gravy is.  Colors; light, pastel, dark, obscure, bright, brilliant, and the nihilistic "biege" set the scene.  If you found you need to be going out for a walk, and find yourself scouting out locations with a whole universe of character, characters,and characteristics, finish the footwork.  Describe.  What is it that triggered the awareness?  What brought it along?   Why do you ask yourself questions of what your subcosciousness has manifested?    Take some no-line, unlimiting paper and sketch out details.  In Hebrew "satan" is an infinitive meaning "to hinder."  The devil is in the details.  This is where you want the pesky hinderance, where it in the long run captures a glorious moment forever so to speak, is worth the resistance.  It makes you stronger.

Do you see synergy as a gift?  It is.  Develop it at least verbally in analogies.  And also with your writing paint the subconscious which can be sensed when unwanted ideas drift into a meditation, where some topic that resurfaces indeed resurface untimely/timely.  Where an area with a lesson you have not learned yet and are reminded ... that would be a good topic to explore for uses in many ways.  Here is an opportunityto write to learn!  Later.

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