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Amidst the Festival of Booths.

Posted on October 7, 2017 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I stumbled and nearly fell into the sequence of power point type, website design, experimental photograpy and composition in music leading to a summated filmmaking.  And now Oho taxes are making it attractive to Hollywood.  We at PGPLLC are in the upcoming first Ohio Valley Indies Film Festival.  Our music in art is in the documentary Just a Bruise and also are supply the venue/path for the free pdf version book, Just aBruise. Some of our collaborative art is in  it as well.  See the sampler; 35 minutes.

The filmmaking gives one a chance to explore "cross-training" in writing; descriptive visuals AND text/dialogue, et cetera. Try it and hoping you have a nice comfort level.  It is really a holistic mind/learning experience.  It also is a nice bridge for several areas/topics bringing together polymath type dynamics; plus it leadse to itself coming to fruition and manifestation.  Creativity and the mind are united.

Todd's Back!

Posted on September 30, 2017 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Matthew you is later w/ updated tee-shirt news. Todd here.  I have been working on many things. I have some progress on a provistional patent for a guitar synthesizer, have been getting into movies using old clips from my grad school comedy troupe days, electronic experimental photography, et c.  Fun and fun and then some as well as the drudgery of taking garbage out, organising the garage, closet even, where I found three left over copies of the Artists Way and an accompanying workbook.

So? The films are so far working out, and I am finding myself in the first Ohio Valley Indies Film Festival.  Yea wow.  I am in the second film by the producer (RS Ebert of Werewolves from Outer Space first), the second film; Just a Bruise, on domestic violence has some art work, a book cover and poster while also some of my music, piano (first utilised at the end of the sampler of Bruise.)That was some fun motivation and kudos.

Matthew and I are working on Piolet(A1) which is a contemplative mod film displaying art and philosophy however sophomoric.  It is the best ten minutes you'll ever want.

If you find some time and in the Columbiana County area, the finding of workshop books Artists Way are steering us to another workshop.  We will probably have the Lepper Library board room again.  The past workshop Money Drunk, Money Sober went well.  We called it short at about 8/12 weeks where people were getting the ideas and learning alone AND with supportive people that the group faciltated.  Let us know when it is good.  It can not make you rich overnight.  It can make sure you have healthy money hygiene, learn budgeting better, and find out what you are doing right.  All seemed to benefit.  There is a large amount of myths and culture situations on spending and making money.  This is not conference approved twelve steps. It does though follow Debtors Anonymous and other twelve step programs closely. Give us a call.  And ... beat the holiday money madness!  It is perfectly free.  You might want to buy a book although it is not mandatory.  Thanks again.


Art Attack: Trials & Fibrillations

Posted on September 23, 2017 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Saturday, folks. Time for a new blog. We want to under-promise and over-deliver. On the schedule we're in the Ohio Indie Film-Festival, which is coming up in October. R.S. Ebert's work, amongst others, involved included Werewolves from Outespace and the work Just a Bruise (a documentary about domestic volence). We have sound and visuals in the form of book-cover for the free PDF and work for the poster in collaboration.

We've sold some of our Smack is Wack t-shirts in person, and hope to sell more in the upcoming week. Alongside those, we'll be selling more of our products at a local flea market within the next week or so. More designs are on the way. We have artwork attraction/promotion, for example: Born to Daven. Let us know what you wat- and we'll make a small run! Literary movie, audio, philosophical, anti-drug etc.

We have postcards with & without philosphical quotes on them, as well. We're foreseeing interviews with a robots person soon, and a theoretical physicist in a year. On the plans we're going to Soundcloud soon, too- and a more developed home website. We apologize for any misunderstandings three-times over From the Phoenix status we are re-kindling Garage T.V. in the form of "Basement Youtube" for expression of a comedic form of expression- including music & art. No joke. 

The radio station is in fledgling state. Featuring new music, jazz, new-age, sports, various interviews, original music of any sort, psychadelic rock, and an open mind. Local DJ-type services are on the planning table. This would include links to Youtube channels or movies/original work & such.

Look for that free PDF here of "Just a Bruise". We're grateful for new addition Matthew M.

So the big news is that we sold some t-shirts, and made some people happy.

New Tees, McDade's "Temple", More New Tees, Anti-Heroin, and a Hat

Posted on September 16, 2017 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Saturday night is here, and Purple Goat Publishing has produced much over the past several days. New to our inventory, as of this week, are two brand-new t-shirt designs..and hats off to a new hat! "Born to Daven". "Daven"- meaning "pray," is a word spanning the front of a new chapeau (French for "hat"), and t-shirts designed by none other than T.E. McCormick himself. There's just one hat, but the t-shirrs will be available for odering soon. Be certain that pictures & prices/donations will be posted as soon as possible..!

In other news, we've also made an anti-heroin shirt for anyone concerned with spreading awareness of our country's current opiate epdiemic to those around them. The t-shirt was designed in full by Purple Goat's resident-artist Matthew McDade and will also be posted for purchase soon. 


other news:

While working on research for a manuscript relating to guitars (and instruments in general), Todd created a guitar-module synthesizer with vocoder options, and ring modulation. Currently the schematic & process for provisional patent is pending. It sounds like a dream we had "...one afternoon long ago." He's currently working on an analog synthesizer for an 88-key weighted keyboard.

Last but not least, Matthew McDade completed a new canvas this week. "Temple", as he's christened it, is an ethereal scene on 11x14 canvas. Concocted in acrylic paint, the image is "beaten" into the canvas in a way that really announces its' presence upon viewing it in person. It's very much "there"- and here, too, in photo-form:

Displaying IMG_4636.JPG

Thanks for reading, check for our new procudts, and we'll catch you next week!

- T.E. and Matthew

A Matthew McDade Collaboration after Labor Day!

Posted on September 9, 2017 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Matthew McDade here. I'm a painter, and live in the same city (Salem, OH) as Todd McCormick- the owner of Purple Goat Publishing. We've been collaborating lately on several things. The main escapade that we have at hand is a magazine that we're going to produce pertaining to creativity. The idea is so vague at this point, and yet to come to fruition. But, it's like, the way my life is now- produce, produce, produce!- I know what goes down will be great. But anyway- look at me in this environment. Right now, I'm a blogger.

"Timeline" A recent painting by Matthew McDade

So what, then, has been new in my life? I've been falling in love with painting over the last few months. My past endeavours in illustration were interesting, for certain, but painting is pulling my heartstrings. It's a strange act, too. Something otherworldy. There are manifestations of literal technique in my work, which I implemement- but the undefinable techniques that come from somewhere inside are what make my work what it is. And, what is it..? Something ethereal. Something I'm proud of. But that's it for me. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@matthewsmcdade) if you'd like. And, now, turning it over to Todd..

Thanks and please read to find out some more convergent creativity.  Now for Todd ... .

I have, must say, we are happy to have some more new blood at PGPLLC.  Matthew is already an asset.  We have grown to have given work to some good people, liberating the worker and increasing productivity.  The pre-Letter of Intent is that he will be formatting the mss., teaching others to format effectively.  The consequences ... we will be much farther down the road than before with the, might say "slush pile."  It is indeed a new era.  Blame it on "Gudtenbergkh."  What is brewing besides the tea is that we got an order of tee-shirts for promo that are more the make art than make the advertisimg  We are bouind to  overdeliver and under promise.  I am hoping we will bring more of what you want ... and more quickly.

Yesterday's news is today's journalism! Ha ha.  Anyway and any howz we got put in the Ohio Valley Indies Film Festival with Werewolves from Outerspace and  Just a Bruise, a documentary about domestic violence with TE McCormick's pianoworks, music and art in the poster and book cover.  We have a letter of intent for carrying the book on pdf for free and will be available as soon as possible.  The filmmaker is Renee S. Ebert, who helped with the cover/poster.

Take what you want, and ... leave the rest.


Learning and Labor Day Weekend,... Week The Trick Is to Show.

Posted on September 2, 2017 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes.  I spent time working at the county fair where my great-great grandmother's husband was on the first board of directors.  Menonite.  From Switzerland. Now the Canfield Fair by "days" is the largest in the state of Ohio. It is "second" only to total by Ohio's state fair  being more days.   So per day we are number one in Ohio!  Being in the moment seems even more spiritual. It was an image cascade/parade of people, expressions, events, work and race horses, of more people, services, "products and services," food, ideas, manifestations of ideas, colors, parking, people's "expressionisms," works of art all.

So ... filling the well with images, source, ideas, the creativity fever, the bug, the motivation, the "bill of materials" in tact, we are ready to create once again.  We are leaning to the magazine of creativity in its fledgling weeks and developing direction, planning sketches of sections, chapters of a suitable business plan (maybe drudgery, maybe an opportunity to organise).  We have resources; people ... Matt, our comp savvy artsit "et cet." and others at PGPLLC open to others' work.  We run a clean shop here.  We are working currently with art/social concern/freedom from disease/addiction tee-shirts stocked with "coolness."  One generally at one's relative/respective level needs to take two back and regroup, stock the images; walk/drive/study ... then dive into the studio and create/produce/make ... .  Fill the well. Below is Matt's work ... .

Organising is a tool to make room for more.  A cluttered desk has creative ideas, old resource/new resource sources to be converted into a newness.  Get the art down in physical manifestation from the "dreaming it up phase."  J. Cameron;  paraphrased, "... J. Approximately," ... Art is about getting something down, not the dreaming it up.  Make up your own version, learning to personalise the world of ideas, to take this to that ... . No?

Wow. Something Fun! A Creativity Zine.

Posted on August 26, 2017 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

So.  Yes the text is a tone color of change nature.  The big ... and fun thing this week was we started a 'zine on creativity; music, art, writing, life, a business application with such, ... here goes, a "topic of the 'periodic nature.'"  The new person in town, Matt M., is a very talented artist, vibrant, energetic of such, and a creative in the taxonomy of zenpithicus creatifficus.  So the inertia block did its part.  Now it is time of momentum!  Get your hard drive motors running, head out on the cyber highway, look for the adventure, what comes ones' way.

We are loaded with ideas, open for any suggestions you would want for relationships with the creative nature, analogy, applications, applied, efficacious paths and projects, business startups, business details, generalised healthily apps, and we do business plans by the way working with you.  

We have given a number of workshops, been through, worked the program of Artists Way.  We just completed a Money Drunk Money Sober workshop which is as the goal; to make healthy creative changes to solvency.  

We are progressive with some old-fashioned, Old World beliefs, ethics, local and global to guide us to make changes for the better, making changes in ourselves to unleash the creativity within bringing it to "without."  We are giving it away.  We keep only by giving it away anyway, right?

We have already integrated (note change in font color tone, "klangen farben.")  in our schedule the business consultant of sorts, calling him Dave "Who."  Having had our first discussion I got seven pages of context dense notes on creative business.  We are reservedly excited, happy.

'Nuff for now. ... dance on the dragon's back! Remember; Wednesday;photo allbums, Sat. night; blog and ... begin the week!!!


Writing Something Fun in the Free Mindset, the Homeland of Freedom.

Posted on August 19, 2017 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

As yet no photos here.  Elsewise.  So in exercising the freedoms in America and other places in the world we have freedom of expression and the responsibilities for our consequences that we have control over that follow.  I have been trying to write something fun.  It is coming at me in many directions, some anyway that are tell-tales for hopeful manifestation.  I had gotten a few sketches for schematics of a provisional (patent pending oriented) writing of such technically.  It brought much pleasure as a path to fruition of my brilliance in electronic music, bringing three loves, music, mathematics (complex analysis in application) and ... creativity/inventiveness/invention.  It looks (sounds like) it is free from a last splash in the flash of the what not in the pots and pantheism, what that is something else, make sure the student does not go hungry on the reference to levitical dietary laws.  So to bring in the photographic, eidetic memory, yes, ... what and why to write the fun stuff for a bit.  I am a "push, push, doesn't work so well with the rope" person.  When I sailed with my father regularly, and he is now 84 yrs of age, it was " I want to relax. "  I was let's keep the sail, the boat on the ear as much as possible.  When I worked on motors for go-karts, mini bikes, stirring it up, ... it was hot-rod city.  It was the edge of the performance to equipment damage minimums, keeping in the epsilon band to be safe, min losses, max gains.  Max gains?  When everyone is saying moderation it might be a time to evaluate, re-evaluate.  I take to writing, I have at times like a person being trafficked in human trafficking, seeing the good, keeping a good perspective, looking for freedom, exercising my rights enough to stay alive, keep a roof over my head, see a freedom in America that is promising, free of cheap labor, being an adult, responsible as such,  seeing the freedom I do have, remembering the Brian's Song, Gale Sayers picture, "see an inch, take the mile."  I have freedom of religion here, practicing Judaism.  I study Dutch as a fragment from the Holocaust.  We have now spirituality where there is a more free agreement.  We can agree to disagree with friends and not be put in the prisons and/or nuthouses so-called.  We can not be by choice suffering from being as sick as our secrets.  We can be open, open-minded and not live in fear in this country of ours gaining on being a better place to live year after year.  What is it going to look like?  Visualise the photograph, the image.  Be the source?  Be slow to judge, agreed?

George "Patent"

Posted on August 11, 2017 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

"Generally" I aim for the direct topic of writing, art, and music mostly as the "letter" of intent.  This week I am creating, although somewhat different.  I have been building effects and modules for electric guitars and keyboard. Original and modified kits are the main thrust.  Ring modulators (like DEVO), fuzz boxes and tone controllers comprise the repertoire with a few amps (small).  So what about writing?  It is indeed a creative process.  It, funny as it "sounds" is an exercise in general creativity.  Take materials.  Make something new.  Wah-la.  Now I am at the stage of writing a schematic(s) one at a time.  When I get the last draft I will have arrived.  See you there somehow!  (By the way I am actually at stage one with showing ownership and emphasis on "pending.")

All--Media Material for Writing? Heart-Felt ... Felt? Get it?

Posted on August 5, 2017 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

This week my pride and joy was the sketching of a working schematic for a first of a series of three effects modules; half, dim, and nit the brothers witz.  Oh, my faux pas; a passive tone controller for a wide midrange with resonance, a modified ring modulator, and a fuzz wuzzy modified LA punk late 70s, no, more and so early 80s Gidgett Goes to Hell in Brasil timbre.  Any who, three originals in working order begging for the paper trail necessary bull shit.  Energy equals effects to modules to synths.  Any circuit benders out there?  Well, then die.  Mind benders?  Die.  No, kidding. (That is an important comma.) Have fun and not at my profit/revenue/cost bragging about this break even misery expense.  Is there such a thing as the religion of klangen farben electro-tek guilt nature?  Send me your written scribble/babylonian dinosaur ideas about the effects how-to brilliant insights you have had.  If not, hate me.  Then I know I am on the right side of life.  Jokers aloud.  No, no.  I am being kind.  I give you total support.  There is no intent of emotional duress; you are receding.  Take bleschkevekhing two steps back and have some honest fun!