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Posted on May 27, 2017 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

number one? what is this e e  cummings?

OK.  What about what does a publisher of electronic nature do on a Saturday?  Study.   Where and ever I see it.  First I visited with my father after I studied Dutch, French and German and not in that order.  So to speak.  I napped, bathed, walked around the house and did my "pharma" exercises, physical therapy, id est.  I showed him, my father progress on the violin I am building, nearly complete if such a thing.  It is in the white, basically with an added soundpostv and CAVEAT do not, ie, be free of playing ever a violin without a soundpost.  One would be asking for trouble for the vector forces at work and a bass bar does not cover all energy always.  Play the game of skill and talent developing, free from the game of risk. So I am set sanding the last of the purfling trim on the top plate Friday.

Also a new shipment of tee-shirts for PGP LLC came in; all cotton/eleven count, latest graphic design works of arse errr, art, by moi avoid "airs of the  "putting on" nature, apologies when due.  So for the free lancers and friends/family.  So ... for sale and ultimate coolness, most-ut.  Shirt of the summer.   Also I ranked second in jazz genre/region Youngstow, Ohio this week.  One 20 27 minute tune seemed to have been erased, although two CDs are posted w/ a guitar solo from "Outer Space."  

I also planned the week coming up after doing my "wus gudz" for the week; things that went "well."  Gratitude for the mood.  Then studies.  Then plans.  Then G_d gets a good laff.  Alfred E. I compete with well.  So plans?   Radio Shack is closing locally next week, 90% sales on the selected, KOAS.  I have nabbed about $200 worth of goodies for about  $75-80 for effects pedals,modules, synth design schematics thru Joe Walsh endorsed e projects for musicians-a spirituality dogma of electronic Marx Brothers nature ...  and yes DIY youtubes as "swell."  Yes.  Sharp brain exercises for all.  I have collected circuit boards from various friends junking stuff with additional gidget/widgets, girls and boys.  Be careful when dealing with electricity, the silent killer unless it is lightning and ... (patiently) thunder.

I also spent an evening at Mark's Landing with Mom by the lake of the township, et al.  Porta Bell-oh-yea spaghetti and Joe A..the owner stopped to talk with Mom to top the evening.  Even if you hate me (lol), it is still a good place to love to go, most excellent food, fish, pizza, pasta and the lake view in Columbiana County, OH.  Joni Mitchell sang, "If you have no place special to go, you just go there, ... no place special." MARK'S LANDING?   THIS PLACE IS SPECIAL!!!!!  NO DOUBT.  I SPENT A BUNCH OF TIME SAILING ON THE LAKE, PUSHING THE ENVELOPE, HEATED DISCUSSIONS,  CHOWDER AT VARIOUS TIMES, ARGUMENTS AND ANGLES OF TACKING ON THE EAR WITH DAD AND THE CHRYSLER MUTINEER, FURLING JIB, AND GOOD TIMES BETWEEN THE MADNESS, ... SERENITY, QUIET AND LOUD,  jOE A.'S MARK'S LANDING!!!   YES, YES, YES!!!   (AND REASONABLE PONTOON BOAT RIDES SPLIT FAIR WITH THE GROUP?)  YES, YES, AND YES!!!

Mother Earth, ... Lay Your Body Down.

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It is the month of May.  Bryn Myr May Day, not a Welsh holiday?  It is the Remembrance of the May Fourth Tragedy at Kent, Ohio although it is global, if not the details, a general sense. The world is blessed with Cinc de May a wonderful holiday where I liked to make sure I listened to the Barcelona Gipsy Orchestra recalling "sephardemia" abouts, klezmer, saying "manana" appropriately. And Mothers Day.  A Sunday in May is reserved to remember the concept of "mother."  Mix Mothers Day with Earth Day and you get ... Mother Earth Day.  A well-grounded, humbling experience ... in deed it is.  

A friend of a friend passed away this month on his birthday doing healthy things, socializing, ... .  My friend said that is the way  I want to go.  I said I want to die on the Day of Atonement (on the year I am to go) when I have a better chance to have the slate clean.  I could wait to the Festival of Booths, ... if the Book of Life is still open.  If the Book is still open, ... .  If a book is still open?  Yes. Have a wonderful Mothers Day, organic family, family of choice, nuclear family, unclear family, spirituality-wise, hippie-wise, Mother Earth, necessity, (the mother of invention), Mother Ocean, the Abraham's three religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, mothers, other mothers, blessed mothers (mothers-in-law?). It is rather conceptual.  This freedom.

It is said everyone is to plant a tree, have a  child, and write a book in one's lifetime.  This Sunday .... remember your mother? Put down the manuscript you are working on, and ... remember your mother, ... and put down an idea about your ... mother ... in the book.   Is the book still open?

Have a really good day,


P.S.  One more parenthetical statement today, maybe amusing, entertaining, of interest.  Thank you and in gratitude for a reader. (Like "Ohio" is the state that is almost a palindrome, my mother's name is almost like the good philosopher dec. Louis Althusser, former democratic socialist leader of France. L.A.)

Visuals Mothers Day

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Hi, Mom!!!

Spending Time with the Person Who Put the Clincher in ... for the Love of Stories.

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I have been in the basement trying out my effects module without in series to other effects.  Rather NYC Ramones punk mode.  Hints of surf music.  Lots of refinement and without another effects with more control, in need of a potentiometre I am I am.  Anyway my father encourages me to go at entrepreneuring, modifying/making electronic music projects, build violins/guitars, put the truck panels with Matisse flowers and vignettes, and to call my mother on Mother's Day weekend.  I am fortunate after her two brain surgeries, the  successful cancer and aneurisms surgeries about a dozen years apart, coaching her to read again, listening to her talk about the latest, and seeing her favorite activity being the flower garden, visiting and seeing her excellent handwriting on the crossword puzzles  ... it is a reminder of Julia Cameron's bit on the detail of her grandmother's account of the details that keep us aware that life happened today, sometimes uneventful, sometimes screaming overboard too and too eventful, doing the pace, the cadence, the rhythm of the cycles, circadia rhythmia and its imperfections and differences each day, cycles of similarities and differences, events dividing the moments, the night dividing the day, day/night, another day I wrote/didn't write, another connection with someone for a fever for a better way/life/world/self.  All a story, feels worth the time to journal, cheap to bind it electronically/rich to e-bind/accounting for the wealthy times/in gratitude for e-publishing.  E-publishing tunes me into my former anthro/archeo professor experiencing a new dig, new stories buried at Nobles Pond in Ohio, not that far from campus.  What a retirement.  Of friends recalling their version of running into each other after a long stint and different directions, being healthily aware saving one from insanity of being out of touch,learning from the old stories, life meaning more than watching someone else have fun in front of someone else's camera, listening to "scouting out locations" and "inventing situations" and living it myself, being a prepared mind in the right place for opportunities, messing around on the experimental photographs to form stories, form stories around photographs. ... .  Looking at my shelves with over fifty manuscripts, some 100K word count, knowing life is important, that the phrase "choose life" is not just a tee-shirt slogan, ... like "BORN to DAVEN!" ????  That I now have the capabilities to write about getting my re-dyed tie-dye teez out of the sink and tub knowing there is a bunch, there are bunches of words behind the props.  Like out to see and out to sea and lives have been lost, found, sung about, writtten/typed up/read/heard/listened/used for fuel for making the world better.   It still seems from time to time; "all a dream/we had/one afternoon/long ago."



Kentucky Derby Saturday;Always Dreaming Wins, Yeah! ... and Other Matters.

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Wow, the beautiful animals were the focus of the audience, not the beautiful people of campus, not the high-fashioned eqine magazines, ... anyway ... it was ALWAYS DREAMING the official line for the winning time, so to speak with the Mr. Todd ... for the claim to fame on the 143rd Kentucky "relative mudder."  Many others were involved of course.  

My family had horses when I was young and growing up around them was a blessing.  Dad had a beautiful Morgan stallion.  Mom, a gelding Tennessee Walker.  When I was one I had a pony, a Welsh who had three colts.  I had a feel for animals, just did not know differently.  I could walk under the Walker without any troubles.  The pony was a focus to ride, gentle.  I learned how to give them sugar cubes, Dutch the Morgan, wilder than the others.  I loved all of them, loved to run in the field with the colts.  Star with his father's blaise, the Morgan, Pepi, ... .  Spring and apple time were the only time to really keep a comfortable eye on Dutch (the Morgan.)  Dad grew up with work horses at his uncles' farm, who raised my grandfather on the Noble farm.  That is the lineage we are related to Angus Nobel apparently, Angus, Alfred Nobel's brother.  Missed it by that much.  

That was one of the reasons for my BA liberal arts path I focused on mathematics.  I could not win the Nobel Prize in math anyway.  What, ... anyway, so ...? There isn't one.  John Nash/Economics is the closest thing, finding math apps in the group of the sought, treasured prizes.  Recall The Beautiful Mind/Nash Equilibrium Theorem.  Self-explanatory maybe?  Check it out.  It is a fascinating concept withother applications.

So today I spent some time with my father. He had a stack of interviewing questions that we asked each other; political systems/government/religion/philosophies/other.  He got them from his sister. They seemed to be suited well to a "YouTube Basement, 'Alpine-achia'" segment.  (My mom's one hundred percent Swiss, 2nd and fifth generations I believe? Close.) The questions were pretty cool like grown seeds of sophomore "lexical access drill" sessions and beyond, grown, thoughts harvested.  He said he was amazed by my maturity and knowledge. I spend relatively a good amount of time studying and  mostly applying "mitzvots" (promises/commandments) without getting stiff-necked, axioms and clauses, ... . It sometimes drives my friends to the rolling-eyes mode of operation. Sometimes there are interested.

Interested in the electronic publishing busines?  I got a call back this week with some CD music mode work regarding graphic arts for the project; Nick Senanefes, aka the Mediterranean Cowboy, album-instrumental w.t.; Instrumentally Speaking.  It is at that.  Book covers differ very little from CD work, this being local.  I will post some covers of sorts on the website; blog and/or gallery.  Anyway it is highly recommended to check out the home business, et c of e-publishing.  And KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is going paper too.  We mostly inventoried some art and filed.  I talked with some clients, consultees.  I am making guitar/keyboard effects modules building to synthesizers.  Someone found an old tube amp miraculously and I am to look at it, possibly restore it.  Maybe something to write about, upgrade with a coauthor about mod tech that is related.  I bought a bunch of switches, capicitors, other components for this "intro e-book" topic in the making.  Radio Shack is closing out in town now with up to eighty percent off.  In this day, especially if you are older, I would say learn to be a beginner again, do not be afraid of learning somnething new. Continuing studies are important however defined, self-curriculum and not. That is how it is today for some areas in life on life's terms

Bye-and bye for now,

Todd M. from the Purple Goat crew.

We Want to Make the World a Better Place, Focusing on creativity Applied.

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We will expand this on the evening of the next ...  following Saturday hopefully.  Let us "see."

Workshop Pics; Seek Text.

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