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George "Patent"

Posted on August 11, 2017 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

"Generally" I aim for the direct topic of writing, art, and music mostly as the "letter" of intent.  This week I am creating, although somewhat different.  I have been building effects and modules for electric guitars and keyboard. Original and modified kits are the main thrust.  Ring modulators (like DEVO), fuzz boxes and tone controllers comprise the repertoire with a few amps (small).  So what about writing?  It is indeed a creative process.  It, funny as it "sounds" is an exercise in general creativity.  Take materials.  Make something new.  Wah-la.  Now I am at the stage of writing a schematic(s) one at a time.  When I get the last draft I will have arrived.  See you there somehow!  (By the way I am actually at stage one with showing ownership and emphasis on "pending.")

All--Media Material for Writing? Heart-Felt ... Felt? Get it?

Posted on August 5, 2017 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

This week my pride and joy was the sketching of a working schematic for a first of a series of three effects modules; half, dim, and nit the brothers witz.  Oh, my faux pas; a passive tone controller for a wide midrange with resonance, a modified ring modulator, and a fuzz wuzzy modified LA punk late 70s, no, more and so early 80s Gidgett Goes to Hell in Brasil timbre.  Any who, three originals in working order begging for the paper trail necessary bull shit.  Energy equals effects to modules to synths.  Any circuit benders out there?  Well, then die.  Mind benders?  Die.  No, kidding. (That is an important comma.) Have fun and not at my profit/revenue/cost bragging about this break even misery expense.  Is there such a thing as the religion of klangen farben electro-tek guilt nature?  Send me your written scribble/babylonian dinosaur ideas about the effects how-to brilliant insights you have had.  If not, hate me.  Then I know I am on the right side of life.  Jokers aloud.  No, no.  I am being kind.  I give you total support.  There is no intent of emotional duress; you are receding.  Take bleschkevekhing two steps back and have some honest fun!

Where Is One's Writing Today?

Posted on July 29, 2017 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

So writing is a solitary thing?  No, not always.  And by paradigm shifts never basically.  Writers form a tribal characteristic that in one way and another part of them, with and without people in the immediate vacinity.  Okay and here is a setting; writer by self-naming oneself and giving a go at being an interpretation of what that means as being a writer, writer is with computer device, zeroes and ones in flashdrive, hard drive, somewhere and keyboard.  Barely optional is the liquid machine that converts itself in cohorts with said writer as transformer/morphing of karma to words.  The words by said coffee et al forms a characteristic that hinges on more is never enough and the frustrated satisfaction and glorifying and sensalizing has begun, alone with thousands of others like you globally, locally around the block, ... .  You are in.  It is a structure like, say pretending, Writers Anonymous;  If one wants to live a clean life free of being non-generating, expressive, unique with others like you, have an excuse for being creative and/or eccentric, blah, yada, dot, dot, dot.  You say you are a writer?  Then you are one.  You must hand in the ethics papers/forms with signature/initialization.

Where is your writing today?  Maybe it is in your head?  Making up a creative energy form means the next step, getting it down, is manifesting to a concrete and real form no matter the amount of fantasy, onto some such of substance,  on a medium.  Cheapest? A dollar journal and pen, maybe if freely available, a word processor app, on pdf, txt, what else .doc ?  Go for it.  

Maybe you have a box with basically random index cards of writers' brilliance caliber you are collecting?  Stop making sense.  Make a sentence, paragraph, chapter out of some.  Go at it.  You are the tiger that has tasted meat.

Maybe you have a first draft?  Is it small and/or large some places to tell your story?  It all comes down to one word; "Story."  Quote Zimman.  Remember when lessons were stories, stories having lessons?  A reporting of how the day went to Mom was a story, sometimes true hopefully.  Agaze at the stars produced myths and stories from the characters the stars sketched out by the figures formed with "outline" intact in one's mind.  Oh, tribal, yes.

And what about the revisions, setting up an editor, an outsiders set of eyes, along with ... respective paradigm shift? Remember be free from rewriting the first twenty pages twenty times and turning it into "beige butter" absent of character so to speak.  Here is where size matters; samurai sword to the excess and build a healthy body from the thin areas.  Most first drafts are in excess, needing more cutting out.  Others are more a laying down the skeletal bones of a framework and want some meat and potato mindset so to speak.  Find the zone!

Good luck today. 

Just for Today to Drop a "Note."

Posted on July 22, 2017 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Seth Godin says, "Who would miss you when you're gone?"

Posted on July 15, 2017 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Godin; "Who would miss you ... ?"

If you rtelate that to your business, then the results show what is being provided by you, to who, for what reaon, why.  What are your association ideas?

What is the purpose of work, your work, and perhaps discretely your "right livelhood?"

I know myself better than anyone, even if you read other people well.  Say proposing that idea, what is the true reason to do my work?  What if you add the  "missing me" idea?  Now what about we have only this one life?  You want to give, give your work to the world, whatever niche big/small?  Answering yes puts you in a camp of direction and the ability to see meaningful progress through meaningful activity/action.  You are practicing "social business" we will call it.  You win.  Your business associate(s) win(s).  It is foolish to rule out that the possibility to have a win/win resultant with every contract/deal/transaction. It can happen.  It does happen.  It happens effortlessly sometimes, blissfully.  Other times it is a result of compromise and hardwork.  Making a conscious effort for a win/win game is a better probability for the yield to be a desired, needed win/win game.  Sure in some sports only one team "wins." This is not the perspective here.  A player may gain insight to a technique of the sport, later apply it and bring home a bigger trophy.  That is that.  Competiton that is friendly and productive falls under the category of "I am competing only with my self and mostly my past."

The world will want what it wants, needs.  Are we in business for ourselves?  Are we business for a product/service to/for others?

Make a Change? Make Any Change.

Posted on July 8, 2017 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Does G_d exist?  Make a change?  A change will result? Sophomoric?  Maybe, maybe not?  Given two choices, take the third.  So I am listening to Turkish Sufi, bettert than Turkish tobac. Silent equals listen with the proper permutations.  It is what one says ... biconditional, bijective, and say, ... sufficient AND necessary.  L'Chaim means action.  So the writing to be done this week is what?  You have some schedule for writing? If you do not take the time, Todd, it is gone.  This is general, a common trait about having enough time to be true to oneself., not some Hitleresque community of literal slave drivers/masters.  It is humane.  So dreaming for a better world ... .

As an exercise left to the reader, by John Stewart, the songwriter (Daydream Believer, et c.) "How much do we really need?"  And the brain works best in a twenty-four envelope.  You utilise your logic.  Yes?... and then ... what changed?" Focusing on today, just for today, do what, ...write, sketch out ideas, make a plan, free associate, learn about how you work best,  make an environment that is "user friendly" like a conducive learning environment as it were written in the laws of my alma mater/the university.  Start now and in six years from now you will not say I wish I had started six years ago.  Can you fit 10K hrs. in how many years?  You don't havb even five years? Come on.  My suggestion to myself shared in many decisions were stick it out  for the "miracle ... every day." (B. Weir, the Dead. Those with the future business plan/strategy predicted by S. Godin.  It is the people first. From S. Orman).  Don't, be free from that action of leaving five minutes before that miracle. Go.

Tomorrow Is Not Fathers Day. You Are Still my Father. Other Logical Not So Obviouses.

Posted on June 11, 2017 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Another evening with the keyboard.  What?  Yes, we are using a new font/color.  We too live dangerously.  This week at PGPLLC we organised the art/music files paper to get ready for scanning/digital filing updates.  We inventoried/upgraded and did some songwriting.  My old journal poems got upgraded to a cool song in G.  I got the studio foam organised, cranked up an old bass amp head that was lent to the business, and talked out some details, read a manual on electronics, did field work for an effects paper for electronic music,  studied oscillators,  looked at the designs of a module I am building, sketched it out, read Dutch, got a cool story about something I am sure will come back, one form and another.  All for digital progress in a digital publishing world.  We still have a workshop planned July 28th weekend maybe, Marco B.  volunteered to skype with us.  He runs Blind Side Studios in New York and is quite an e-writer, many publications.For more info material I went to a mental health conference onnetwork supporting and "Walking the Talk."  Good stuff, good networking. People first!  Write on.  I soldered a small amp and inventoried a resorting of electronic components, ... learned-transistors; emitter, base, collector, ... the three leads. And ... I spent time with my dad.  

Remember; G_d is Father to the fatherless.

Dad Made It to 84 Years of Age.

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Posted on May 27, 2017 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

number one? what is this e e  cummings?

OK.  What about what does a publisher of electronic nature do on a Saturday?  Study.   Where and ever I see it.  First I visited with my father after I studied Dutch, French and German and not in that order.  So to speak.  I napped, bathed, walked around the house and did my "pharma" exercises, physical therapy, id est.  I showed him, my father progress on the violin I am building, nearly complete if such a thing.  It is in the white, basically with an added soundpostv and CAVEAT do not, ie, be free of playing ever a violin without a soundpost.  One would be asking for trouble for the vector forces at work and a bass bar does not cover all energy always.  Play the game of skill and talent developing, free from the game of risk. So I am set sanding the last of the purfling trim on the top plate Friday.

Also a new shipment of tee-shirts for PGP LLC came in; all cotton/eleven count, latest graphic design works of arse errr, art, by moi avoid "airs of the  "putting on" nature, apologies when due.  So for the free lancers and friends/family.  So ... for sale and ultimate coolness, most-ut.  Shirt of the summer.   Also I ranked second in jazz genre/region Youngstow, Ohio this week.  One 20 27 minute tune seemed to have been erased, although two CDs are posted w/ a guitar solo from "Outer Space."  

I also planned the week coming up after doing my "wus gudz" for the week; things that went "well."  Gratitude for the mood.  Then studies.  Then plans.  Then G_d gets a good laff.  Alfred E. I compete with well.  So plans?   Radio Shack is closing locally next week, 90% sales on the selected, KOAS.  I have nabbed about $200 worth of goodies for about  $75-80 for effects pedals,modules, synth design schematics thru Joe Walsh endorsed e projects for musicians-a spirituality dogma of electronic Marx Brothers nature ...  and yes DIY youtubes as "swell."  Yes.  Sharp brain exercises for all.  I have collected circuit boards from various friends junking stuff with additional gidget/widgets, girls and boys.  Be careful when dealing with electricity, the silent killer unless it is lightning and ... (patiently) thunder.

I also spent an evening at Mark's Landing with Mom by the lake of the township, et al.  Porta Bell-oh-yea spaghetti and Joe A..the owner stopped to talk with Mom to top the evening.  Even if you hate me (lol), it is still a good place to love to go, most excellent food, fish, pizza, pasta and the lake view in Columbiana County, OH.  Joni Mitchell sang, "If you have no place special to go, you just go there, ... no place special." MARK'S LANDING?   THIS PLACE IS SPECIAL!!!!!  NO DOUBT.  I SPENT A BUNCH OF TIME SAILING ON THE LAKE, PUSHING THE ENVELOPE, HEATED DISCUSSIONS,  CHOWDER AT VARIOUS TIMES, ARGUMENTS AND ANGLES OF TACKING ON THE EAR WITH DAD AND THE CHRYSLER MUTINEER, FURLING JIB, AND GOOD TIMES BETWEEN THE MADNESS, ... SERENITY, QUIET AND LOUD,  jOE A.'S MARK'S LANDING!!!   YES, YES, YES!!!   (AND REASONABLE PONTOON BOAT RIDES SPLIT FAIR WITH THE GROUP?)  YES, YES, AND YES!!!