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Writing is easily restored with an olden solution, and that is music. Maybe King David might have leaned on some auditory material?  To write some Psalms (There are 150 by the way.) Healthy decisions of music choices can enrich the mind, trigger advantageously, make references that one might not experience in "real life."  It might change that decent-sized group of words to your descriptions and decisions adding color.  The Chinese Book of Brush Painting (or some such title) says "plainly;"  "Add color for wealth."

In some European languages the lyrics are referred to as "text."  Yes, yes, that has another meaning now with the smart phones, et al.  The sounds without words can stir emotion, cognitive and described constructs of the imagination and consciousness.  With words, say "text" in a Euro-sense descriptions can be enhanced by tone color, vivid description, connotations, synergistic audio, visual, and even olfactory and sense of touch, "feel," (I cannot help but remember one of my dad's jokes. He would say, "Are those pants cotton?  I'd look at him curiously.  He would pinch my leg pants included and say, "They are felt now."  Lol.)

I am a big fan still of "contemporary eighties writer" B.E. Ellis.  In American Psycho he goes to great details of the simple "medicine chest and neighborhood."  It is not where it goes on like something forever.  It is just outside a heavy tolerance to boredom.  Boredom brings peace.  The first verse is the intro in a liberal sense.  The hyper-descriptive brings a textbook of creative writing theme concentrated in context density.  It is a fine example of student exercises, although at the professional level.  High art/low art.  Any difference? Mike Myers is a boldly said, "NO!"  Are you writing NOW?  You are probably contemporary in genre of a perspective of sorts.

What I basically am saying is go outside limits;  Yes, describe.  Awareness is the first key to sanity and serenity. Use the whole you.  Wholeness and completion are health.  That is something you want.  Even if it is the case that you want to be the "Next S.King."  Look up, read about Nabokov's synergy, a neurological, sensual situation meaning of the senses.  That is where the gravy is.  Colors; light, pastel, dark, obscure, bright, brilliant, and the nihilistic "biege" set the scene.  If you found you need to be going out for a walk, and find yourself scouting out locations with a whole universe of character, characters,and characteristics, finish the footwork.  Describe.  What is it that triggered the awareness?  What brought it along?   Why do you ask yourself questions of what your subcosciousness has manifested?    Take some no-line, unlimiting paper and sketch out details.  In Hebrew "satan" is an infinitive meaning "to hinder."  The devil is in the details.  This is where you want the pesky hinderance, where it in the long run captures a glorious moment forever so to speak, is worth the resistance.  It makes you stronger.

Do you see synergy as a gift?  It is.  Develop it at least verbally in analogies.  And also with your writing paint the subconscious which can be sensed when unwanted ideas drift into a meditation, where some topic that resurfaces indeed resurface untimely/timely.  Where an area with a lesson you have not learned yet and are reminded ... that would be a good topic to explore for uses in many ways.  Here is an opportunityto write to learn!  Later.

Courts Revisited. In Common; Noah's Seven Laws/Just a Bruise.

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Courts are a focus for domestic violence.  Why? What?  Where? We need a map?  To find help we counsel with someone, many people, and the right people.  Maybe we get better at finding the right help? We all want resolution of problems?  Yes, one way and another. We want change for the better.  We need help from outside to fix the unhealthy "dance of damage done."  We leave from the toxic "dance floor" to the court floor finding balance.  The details surface, manifest, paint a bigger picture, create a dynamic orchestration, a symphony of many instruments coming together in a harmonious wholeness, directed rightly, adroitly, rectifiably, a resolve and conclusion to the chapter and chapters of lives, valuable lives, a return to the wellness and respect to life, to that gift. Life is a gift. Lives are beyond measure of value. Small changes with timeliness, appropriateness, and a balanced productive yield by doing the next right move now, the right move now.

We are able to make bigger, that is gainful differences, (bigger and better, focusing on "better," more than a toxic "bigger is better.") ... gains with the proper direction. Change, sweet change and bitter change, bitter and sweet one defining the other, healthy affect, wellness, a healing of a part in community, adaption, to whatever magnitude occurs in its appropriateness, as it happens, the arrangement finds a rightly order.

In Hebrew, the word "sedar" meaning order is a firm basis essential in an exodus, as freedom, a new plan, a new vision, a new path, the trail appears, a  healthy, healing journey/path. The consequential improvements, gains, and evolving lives for acceptance and progress ideally all involved, appropriate changes where a strong  in wholeness with a mercy, a benefit of the doubt to potential aptly for a solution. Anger issues, diseased response, alcohol and other drugs, stress, misdirected resolution of problems precursor the capacity to resolve issues, create a move toward resolution and win/win, good changes, wellness and a healing and an outside view/perspective where the "maverick" has the vision from "outside the box."  A consequential pathway will integrate a preventive course of a therapy to recorrect the deviance from an adroit series of responses.  Behind the physical damages are emotional assault, from verbal assault, some lateral some linear.  They are damaging nonetheless.  We want healing.  We want recovery.  It requires an uncovering of a discerning solution and solutions. 

See Noah's Seven Laws on the internet.  Just a Bruise is a documentary script, a documentary on domestic violence.

Photos and Art.

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Looking for visual art???  Check out the gallery!!!

We will look at yours. Send a jpeg.

Just got back from a refreshing conference. My arms are tired?

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I want to say that just a little change can make a difference.  If after evaluating it is not working, try this technique a mentor taught me.  Go until you want to be there.  Then decide if you want to continue going.  Go to where your creative soul is well, healing, rejuvenating.  If at such a good rate of success being progress in the time of support people, ideas, actions, life on life's terms, ... then the self-care free from self-centeredness not being in the way, an obstacle, well, ... healing in many forms can happen and even in one way a tool of recovery, rediscovery, healing, healing, healing can occur.  As a T. Rundgren song goes.  "The world needs a healer."  Know the law(s) of recovery.  This your life.  Take the bull by the horns.  Ask for help ... yes, from others.  If that is an obstacle in finding a mentor of sorts, a practical and useful contact with a person/persons knowing some things about health gains can be related literature to guide you. If in a position of never being overwhelmed, you are fortunate.  Still count your gratitudes.  Acknowledge successes.  Share them with people that understand.  So we all are in a "need of a rain" to fill the creative "well."   At least from time to time.  Otherwise you have not been dipping into the water. This is a chance to go thru artbooks, image, to collect images, ideas, finding people with their techniques of "getting what you want."  Remember gratitude with what you have.  Otherwise the sense of "more" will never be enough.  Bloom where you are planted. You will soon enough be in the place, a position to give back.  Give and you are without strings in giving; you are blessed.  It is a blessing to give work.  It is that indeed work is a tonic.  It is a"medicine no doctor could  prescribe."  J.  Buffet, musician.  

Letting you know what is happening with Purple Goat.  We are taking on a new musician with tons of studio work.  He has reached a plateau of sorts, retired with an ascent of his spirituality that he should share with others his gift.  Indeed he is a gift.  His studio works rival, well you cannot compare apples and orages.  He is mptivated by a deep meaningful essence of spirituality.  He has much to give, a phenomonal jazz musician and guitarist tacking on piano skills, where he sees this as a progression in his soul's growth, (and without money as a motivational factor.)  He brings this from the depths where love for music is the motivational factor.  Stay tuned to this unbelievable work, the rich depth manifesting as art, of art.

We are supplying Renee of Scare and Crow LLC with background film music, art for props, and the service of publishing her documentary book about domestic violence.  Working on a third grant from the National Endowment/Humanities as three times "around the block."

Marco has had much success in writing and responses have been overly absurd in quantity.  Mainly China and the Middle East has showed a decent interest for security, commercial robots and "cobots."  They start at $21K app.  He has many skills that are marketable, ... in programming for example.

TJ, our business assistant, is taking a break from his business plan for DJ work, field and cyberfields. He has grown quite a bit and is full of self-confidence,  having the capabilities to take on new adventures.  He has been helping regularly.  Push sometimes/mostly does not  work, and it is farther from the healthy modus operandi, easy does it.  Again  ... easy does it, it does it, and it gets it done!

Terrance our formatter is on the last stretch to a master's.

PGPLLC is currently in the process of reloading novels, how-to books, et c.by increasing our standards.  David Byrne, "You can't seee it til its finished!" We are inventorying, creating art, building a music studio, and looking at an extension of publishing with congruent fields, book cover design, resources, paper publishing as well as electronic, calendars,postcards, greeting cards, an art book, an art brochure, art as props, consulting, producing music, marketing, DJing/cyber radio, and ReverbNation.  We are mostly talking about music, art, writing, and we have cutting edge techniques to increase performance et c in healthy ways.  We do have available counseling services with P. Murphy including reflexology and hatha/raj yoga. (body/mind)  Creativity still rhjocks.  Also we may do tee shirts with affirmations, ... et c.  Coffee cups, hats, tees, and logo design are on the "to-do" list.  I personally also do guitar repairs and guitar making as well as violins, although this is still a hobby.

Thanks readers,


PS;  We have gotten back on the path of Wednesday art albums/gallery and evenings-Saturdays, blogs/podcasting et c.  Catch up with us, checking out the new.  Also thru FaceBook I have been in contact with art patrons.

Visuals-February 2017.

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Here are to be some images.  Be the "head" and not the "tail."  Send some "writing/creativity in to our website.  We will post.

Valentines Day "Precursor?" Whatever.

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I usually start about now learning My Funny Valentine on violin.  ... And sometimes I need more time.  More time? What is that?  My self-help books and friends say, "To take the time." (Make, have, ...  ?)  In other words; if "I want the time; I need to schedule the time." And one unhealthy response for me in creative areas is to again respond with guilt, if I take some time and use it productively through creativity in many different areas like music, art, writing, guitar/violin making/repairs, and, ...  yes and especially in  business.  

It is a good skill to be able to, and yes, learn how to be a beginner again.  Of course learning how to be creative more in all areas of life, also is a good skill to have.  If you know how to be a beginner again in an area that you have wanted to explore, think.  Stop and think. ... and maybe it has slowed down and even stopped any progress,?  Knowing this and adding strategy, skills, growth experiences, et cetera, this will benefit you. And you can easily see that by using learned skills, and even learning skills to make progress, finding out things of interest more and more as a beginner would, even with some extra growth experiences you have an advantage, especially from the status of being "blocked."  Here any progressive decisions with follow-up of action, make probably long initiated and desired steps to a larger goal as in developing "executive thinking skills."  

That is to say, beyond making product, meaning; art, a newsletter, a recording, an algorithm to use as a process in say business.  That is, as an example; a template, form, sketch, set of directions, and maybe something appropriate in social media are, as well all products (You can include services, respectively.)  are an integral step to getting the product and/or services to the client, who has as needs you yes again, products and services. ENTER "executive thinking skills."  That means, some brainstortming on how to reach the client that would benefit from your products/services,... your business. There is often a good stretch of steps, processes, procedures, and what-not to be in the state of reaping the rewards of bringing usefulness to you efforts and helping, assisting, and working with your clients to make healthy changes in their utilisation of your business "output."  In the long run, a healthy deal is a contract where both sides gain, a win/win situation, where your work complements theirs and even vice versa.  Executive thinking skills are encompassing of this.

Think, imagine, live "as-if" it is already there.  How does that work for you?  Doe sit get the job done?  Did you progress more than expected at on time? Do you intuitively think/feel you will gain in your developing of these suggestions? And as suggestions; take what you want, and leave the rest. I am suggesting visualising having what you need already and see the outcomes.  This is like Einstein's "thinking experiments" that he wasd famous for.  Good (stuff) IN.  Good OUT.  GIGO.

Things, constructs, and other pertinent obstacles that are seen as limits and overwhelming resistance in the procedures on the path of progress are now free of being roadblocks.  They are now tools for overcoming and ... are melting away, losing their strength and their facade their empty power.  They are now powerless when debunked.  It is a good time to study your "fears."  Your doubts as well fall in the progressive category now with the proper tools.  An exercise is left to the reader in finding and learning useful tools that are perinent to the goals desired.

With tools the before-beginner status melts away as well.  You are are no longer in a weak perspective of success.  By studying, knowing and overcoming the obstacles in your project(s) you are at a viewpoint/perspective of power.  This is a healthy "power point," one might say.

You, the successful are no longer in a dormant state.  It is a "busy-gets-better" state of mind.  You have the energy to make gains.  It helps to healthily reinforce successes by acknowledging and even celebrating progress.  It is a "learning and labor" skill, ... set of skills.  Keep adding to your tool belt, your say, organon.  Keep moving, and you get there. Newly acquired skills can be applied and integrated, made part of, that is, ... as your mode of operation.  Tools, changes in "behaviour and thoughts canmake changes.  Nothing is going to change without changes.  Kind of John Nash's Equilibrium Theory applications. , ... used, utilised to make whole.

Why not be rid of the opposed stance?  Meaning, saying ... be free from obstacles, be bigger than the obstacles, maybe delegate, and there is an 'executive" thinking skill working for you in your situation.  REMEMBER. Generalise successes, and specify losses.  

Yes, learn to change responses; That is making change. And  rather be free of resistance, friction, unnecessary bypasses, and inefficiency.  Now replace the "wrench in the spokes/gears" with decisions now eliminating,  on life's terms, the remaining destructive and intimidating real and imagined paths that deter the dreams that you might have had and had abandoned essentially.  You are being prepared to overcome blocks you had while in a "before-beginner" mindset .  The obstacles prepare you for later success. What?  Yes.  You start to see they are within grasp.  That you can honestly acquire the skills within the tools.

So, ... why miss out on some abandoned dreams, when it takes some changes that you are capable of  such things. You want, by being a beginner again, to have tools taht will do the job.  Commonly with outsmarting the work, you are much more likely to obtain your desire achievements.  Outworking the probllem and problems yield rather poorly.  Use your head, as an old cliche, so they say!  Not any or very little resistance now manifests as a chance, a well-planned, well-thought out choice to see the proverbial "inch and take it, running with it. You can see how only competing against one's past self is true competition, comparing apples to apples, so they again say.  Yes?  Yes.  Well, ... as compared to the past, you have succeeded.  

The "product"  and as well services in the business world, and your niche in it is more evident.  It has a usefulness aided by a guiding chart of sorts, by journaling, noting indeed progress and goals, ... goals and progress, basically some useful changes that will bring change ... for the good.

Thanks, ... T.E.

Film making and the Purple Goat. Opportunities and Open-mindedness!

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What is happening here at PGPublishing?  The latest news is that Scare and Crow, LLC w/ Renee S. Ebert asked us for a position w/ her latest work, It's Just a Bruise.  We signed a LOI, lettyre of intent.  She has recved two grants w/ the National Endowment/Humanities already and involved w/ a third.  Having a publisher ready to go is on the "plus" side for the third grant.  She has decided to manifest the work as a book, rather than film for the first too.  They have already been shot, now for "cut and paste!"  The last time I had an offer for film et al was w/ an offer researching/writing about the Jewish Mafia and involvement w/ Deep Throats Linda Lovelace.  I was asked primarily because I was one of the few members in a writing group Caliope, a special interest group w/ MENSA.  I turned it down and in a few months, years? saw manifestations of the project and a decent film.  I chose by topic to bow out.  The documentary by title shows this project responding to domestic violence and its relative areas.  It's Just a Bruise is planned to be in free e-books.  The energy feels right, and we hope to help many people.  Renee is a joy to work w/ and already collaboured on a book cover.


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"Whatever" Happened.Recalling Everything This Week; Position It for Rating as "Was Good."

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Do what is worth writing about.  And/or write what is worth doing.  Let us call it either way you win.  I myself reached a milestone; for the guitar building manuscript I can add my latest months worth of progress and pride with building a violin to "in the white" status.  (no varnish yet and playable.)  I am walking the talk.  With writing I completed four songs for alternative/avant garde.  I played a tune jamming with international flavor asing in several languages including Yiddish one evening this week.  I could not have pulled it off without my sidekick, TJ, keyboardist/bus. assistant  One more rule; nobody does anything alone. Also I ranked first in jazz in my area(city) with ReverbNation, a place where my writer R.E. has most of her musicians involved in.   Maybe it is time to take inventory, and list what is worth doing?

Big news; got a new cartridge and rearranged some things, prefiled, digitalized some work.  Big news; got a new president.  Be the head and not the tail.  Take what you want, and leave the rest.  I connected with another writer this week in the area, who writes safely say, spirituality.  We will call him Henry for now.

Keeping an open mind and knowing how to let yourself be a beginner again opens the doors to exploring new areas, topics, fields where before we would not dream.  Like advocacy  there is a gift in recovery from a loss to the success of growth.  Sometimes we grow in old, comfortable ways.  Fast and slow. So be it, and as well we grow in new areas and progress with new/old skills with various amounts of closure to old and unresolved issues.  We reach terra firma and terra incognito to completed projects and new well-earned self-esteem, seeing the value within/without.  And we feel the well-groundedness.

I recall a list I have memorized.  I like to work this list of eleven areas which have helped in my recovery ... and most of all to the point where I could share it with others for their benefit.  It is a win/win game.  Nobody goes alone!Like in scool there are two major areas.  One is your choice of study whether portfolio bound or otherwise.  And secondly, where one is more likely to find a "group" (groups) with healthy, similar goals and interests.  The deceased J. Ferrito, M.M. (Yale) my compositon tutor said, "I like to teach my students to teach themselves." L. P. the famous tenor said he never wanted to stop being a student, to never stop learning.  It is indeed a wonderfu world.  (The list? Music, art, writing, computer, craft (guitar/violin making and repair),  reading, spirituality, health, relationships, business (my own, helping others to create theirs), work, money (budgeting and other healthy behaviours with it.), maintenace of car and home.) So there it is.