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TONY BLAIR,/PUNK ROCKER/PRIME MINISTER!!! (clip by te mccormick, c. f.)

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?????   Find the mp4 on the home page. Although the full length plan is of a nature perhaps with more "play" the spiel is no sleeping dog of sorts.  In the attorney's briefs the barrister judges it as Judge Dent in America deceased 1676, as an antonym fit for comedal purposes until further note, say.  Long Live Clifton Lunch!!!!!

What a Week It Was ... in a Good, Talking Heads Way. (Put up my Tony Blair punk rock minister video!!!)

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Passover and Easter/Holy Week This Week-Envelope.

I have been purchasing parts for my new hobby/book topic, ... effects pedals/modules for musical instruments, primarily guitars.  Radio Shack is going out of business here too; the legend must live on.  Somewhere on Facebook I dropped a video of mine.  This is "holiday running short."  So check on our Purple Goat website.  WE might soon be expanding to a conglomerate to include effects/synths manufacturing amongst other areas to be called, w.t.-working title;The Purple Goat(s) Crew.

Cool Collages Road ...

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Being in the Moments This Week.

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Wow, what a week!  I hit 99 on my pageviews to-day.  I got a cool collage and a CD cover working for myself/another.  I got feedback from a filmmaker I am publishing with her documentary/book she is looking forward.  I have worked on my taxes/profits-losses some.  I played some mean violin and built an effects module component from a schematic and such on YouTube. Got some progress on the classical guitar.  (I put a heart-shaped zebrawood piece at the tailpin.)  I changed my monitor background to the collage.  Cleared some emails (I have over 8K.)   Bought $100 worth at a close-out at Radio Shack for $35.  Looking at now September for the book/doc./domestic violence topic.  In the meantime I have said my blessings for the filming/Haunted House movie.  Back on track I have been ahead of the mud issue in my driveway.  Gravel and mulch are $100 together app.  And the most important ... I have harvested enough songs I have recently written to pull off an album.  The business has a bass guitar now.  I have added it to the studio repertoire after fixing some electronics, jack/potentiometer.  The writing was so fun.  I found old poems and revamped them while my business assistant typed and kept things in line.  Get thru the writers' block.  Me, myself, and I need to hear it once in a while.  Information Age factopid for the week/day;  "satan" in Hebrew is an infinitive meaning "to hinder."  Also we had an interesting Bible study discussion.  Whew.  Grab the day!  Moments at the begininning and end contain a moment!

Syn-chronos-nature. Time Will Tell? Why? If Not Now, When? Will (One and the Many) Time Tell?

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Serendipidity is revitalised in J. Cameron's The Artists Way.  Like Twiggy in a Woody Allen movie, maybe instead of lumberjacks with French-style tee-shirts?  Okay, we have all had a good ... "time" now.  I just hold onto the idea it is on my eighth year in the guild of American luthiers.  I cannot help remember the first time my father taught unions when I was in elementary school.  He taught it objectively representy both sides, pre 1970, ... the May Fourth Tragedy.  

It was not the unions that were the problem;  Unions in general do well in idealism, applied with least resistance, create (sans crime) an environment of well-being, applied in pragmatics with convergence to the idealism, serve a purpose of a better quality of product, work production with both product/service. It was the associated crime and ethics that were violated that created opportunities of growth, to learn the lessons that come from so-called "failures" in decision making;  Through objectivity it is one of the best tools, although lacking absolute situations to any purists, the perspective, sometimes to some a paradigm shift resolves direction.  

There is well-being in numbers, healthy numbers, the "one and the many" each being healthy, and there is the presence of an understood guidance to create a convergent group on the better decisions.  By law-based guidance, by a faith in commonalities as well heathy in character, a construct joins making a new entity, a "being" of sorts. The maverick, the "outsider," the catalyst, comes from outside the box, the aquarium, the group objectivity and brings another shift in addition to the event(s) where solutions are found.  It is an old story;  Leaving a "village."  Finding a new "village."  He/she gets resistance fom the new village.  He returns to his village of origin and shows his people as well a lesson taken from the other village.  All gain, although there is always change with a measure of resistance.  Convergence is directed, rectified, regulated, made droit zeroing in on the number "zero." The group if "unable" with tools again within the group are resolved with an "outsider" that  sees the problem and integrates his/her skills, capabilities, abilities, experience, expertice, )as say weighted means, not usually completely equal in weight that is, to say with a better choice of better words, If compared with the individual, gifted in intelligence, an honest hard worker, healthy in many ways, of a lion's share in most applications the maverick is at not the gain alone as the group is alone.  Together with an understood common goal, resolution takes place where the one and the many are integrated in the "project" as say symbiotic. In resolution within the group "alone," the question is when do we bring in the "maverick," not anymore less than "if not now, when?" I am happy with my guild membership.  The more tools that are available now work to an advantage, to advantages for better convergence to resolution. It takes creativity to make a difference, need say ...  change, ... and for the better.  I hope you will be blessed to see some synchronicity this week.

All for now, thanks,

T. E. 

Sometimes Backing Off, Yields More Productivity.

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Have you been feeling like you are pushing too much, too much for anyone's good?  Sure one needs to be healthily motivated.  We need to make progress for healthy, worthwhile goals.  Sometimes though there might be something minor to listen for in resistance.  I am not talking about stopping your writing.  We need to be mindful of signs along the road.  The last thing I would say is give it up.  There are too many advantages to practice writing, that is to have a practice of writing.  It is relatively inexpensive.  A word processor, paper at times, and/or a flash drive and you are ready to go.  The thinking skills are improved.  Your verbal/writing skills get better.  It is educational, you are on a learning curve.  Writing is a good skill for studies, and pursuing personal goals, like hobbies or at work.  At my last job I lost track of how many tiimes I had been asked to edit, proofread grants and what not for the program/curriculum director over the eleven years I was teaching people with emotional illnesses.  (Yes, I frequently taught writing classes and rerlated learning experiences.  The eleven years went by too fast.

Lately I have been pushing much too much.  It reminded me of the job I had in graduate school.  I was a clerk at a special order, small bookstore in a "college town."  When someone walked in that faintly look like someone who would enjoy contemporary novels, I was on the floor pushing Ginsberg, ... .  After a while my employer, the owner asked me to take a few steps back.  It made sense.  We created more a library environment rather than a used car mindset.  It worked.  Everyone was happy.  I walked away learning, "More can be achieved by less."  Recently was Purim, a Jewish holiday.  One of the lessons was that.  A small army could defeat a larger one, tactfully.  (For those into etymology, et c., "purim" is plural for "lots."  Haman was throwing lots to see when he would try to destroy the Jewish people.  Short version.  Small army won.

Also it is good to see if changes need to be made.  It might be a good time to reevaluate goals and especially direction.  Keep in mind the general sense of direction for growth and gains.  My father went to school with Neil Armstrong and have heard how many times the idea of navigating and correcting for adjments of "trajectory" to achieve the destination.  Here with writing it is indeed a journey not a final destination although we do stop at interesting places.  Choose life.  Choosing writing as part of one's life helps one to be aware of events, to focus, to see the refreshing details.  It is an awakening, an epiphony sometimes.  Drop out. Tune in.

Good day!  


Mother Was a Druid, Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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What life lessons this week may I share?  I learned this week that stepping back from toxic signs and duress cause a yield and progress nonetheless.  I backed off on social media reach only to recve work here on something I love to do and had started a passion for this "so said" inanimate object, namely the guitar.  Next year I would have started playing guitar fifty years ago.  That is when I was about five yrs. old  in other words.  I had lessons then at five, very little playing after, ... until 18-19 yrs.of age, an adult.  The first secular song vovals-wise was Huddie "Ledbelly" Ledbetter's Cotton Bolles/Cotton Fields.  Tick-Tock on the guitar at five, in G u Emin.  g-e g-e, g- ... with maybe a few f sharps.  As an adult it was "After the Gold Rush" by N. Young.  In D and three verses.  Lessons, some here, some there, some on  my own, like the study of billibong chords coming up with a chart of over 150 chrds, rarely if really ever in "cheater" chord books. I printed some out and had them laminated.  Id est, available and cheaply.

Lessons otherwise.  Do not underestimate the heart.  In Fare Ye Well,a 1963 song by B. Dylan said the necessary; "With my hand, and my heart and head, I will send what I know back to you."  That tells you what music is all about.  In short and deep.  I had ended in my home town to live in the area with much sacrifice.  It has turned out to be one of the most productive times in my life, ... and ... Do not run.  That is it.  If you are working toward something, they start to throw it at you with more to come, do not then take the natural response? and run.  Bloom where you are planted.  When you see that you will have practice blooming wherever et c.  Bloom;  Buddhists say the chant "Om.  Man ni pad mi. Hum. ... hum? It means in Tibetan and/or Nepalese, "Jewel of the lotus, unfolding. Hum." I.e., Bloom where you are planted, where you are.  It is a deep acceptance of perspective feelings and cognitive ideas.  Thoughts/mood, id est.  And more of the unseen ... .

Another event and a second was repairing a friend's bass guitar with a compleat fret levelling and other more minimal upgrades.  He was quite happy.  And as a hobby free of stress, it is quite enjoyable.  We bartared services basically for the most part.  The performance outcome was on the outstanding side.  In other words he was very happy.  I remembered the small business orientation and the statement to go by, "Under-promise, over-deliver. It worked!! Yeah!!!

Have a wonderful day/week/ month/season, year.

Todd E. McCormick, M.A.  (This week deserving of a master's degree.)

I also repaired my father's laptop in time for taxes, games, et cetera.  He was so happy, and happy in general about what I have achieved, although it feels like I am just starting out anew.  Figure?  Go,go, a-go-go.

I Want my U-tobee

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Hi and having a productive night.  I have sitting before me a six inches high stack of fotoz to scan, do xperimental photography and a schematic of a module/effects circuit w/ components soldered less the input/out jacks and the pos/neg wires to solder to the 9 volt source.  I have interests in music, art, and of course writing.  I am sketching out way beyond the healthiest of projects.  Last week I found a good source for some brainstorming.  How do you go about formatting converted files when the count for mss. is "n=74?"  And after an occassional repair I set out to pick up guitars at the flea market, make them a little more playable and sell at costs, the proce of the school of hard knocks.  I benefited by picking up techniques and have now buily a classical and a violin through a kit and flea market parts-neck, and stew/mac of Athen, Ohio for an ebony fingerboard.  Those two are "in the white," id est; no varnish/lacquer. And they play.  I used the guitar for a track on the Opera soundtrack for the remembrance of "last hippie in Kent," Robert E. Wood, artist, philosopher, and a soul.  I did the rest of the music as well.  They were compositions/synth and studio work w/ acoustic timbres.  The libreto was by John Kluth, that is readings by John of RE Wood's writings/journal.  John is very ethical and mores-rich.

Well-groundedness is an undercurrent, a manifested frequency to be turned on, listened to, for me a "guide," when what ... our befriended creativity  gets to a screaming pitch of decision making, a say, feverish pitch. For me anger and decision making do not make it, leave me free of my own grounded self.  It is historically for me not true to the true self.  It is an "outliar," a phenomenon in of all things stats.  It is cast out from the herd.  Do not misunderstand the idea, please.  I see mavericks, black sheeps, alpha males, alpha females,  the biblical snake, the fallen one, a character in a David Bowie song (Ziggy), yoda, yoda, yoda, ... Hamans (despots meaning cruel and evil people like Haman, casting "lots" reading in Hebrew as the word, "purim," id est, again plural of "lots."  A gamble. A lottery was to reveal the day Haman was to eliminate the Judaic poplutation. where G_d loves the persecuted and hates the persecutor, a reminder of what is right.  Nuff' said.  A warning, a caveat innocens,; stay angry and lose everything.  Been said.So it is one manuscript at a time, drafts, edit, conversion, and finale; formatting.  My guess from my viewpoint is do it all yourself, perhaps less editing, which is usually better done by an outside perspective.  An exception?  Edits might need  to follow a set of directions called, the book; Edit It Yourself.  It alone has two influences for me.  One that someone other than myself has believed in a self-edit.  The other is why does that book exist?  It is the norm to be edited again by another perspective with picking out the erroneous zones that someone else might miss.  It is a diversification with a purpose.  Cover the arse, please, yes.  And; you cannot see it til it is finished. Some such the words from a lyric/David Byrne.  "Free yourself from mental slavery."  dec. Bob Marley.  To our well-being. "Go, go, go."  dec. Amy Winehouse.  Make "the study house." Be creative, get the knack.  Feel free to check the art-Photo Gallery page, eye candy of mostly PG-54. Okay, we have all heard the jokerman now.

including music, including text.

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Writing is easily restored with an olden solution, and that is music. Maybe King David might have leaned on some auditory material?  To write some Psalms (There are 150 by the way.) Healthy decisions of music choices can enrich the mind, trigger advantageously, make references that one might not experience in "real life."  It might change that decent-sized group of words to your descriptions and decisions adding color.  The Chinese Book of Brush Painting (or some such title) says "plainly;"  "Add color for wealth."

In some European languages the lyrics are referred to as "text."  Yes, yes, that has another meaning now with the smart phones, et al.  The sounds without words can stir emotion, cognitive and described constructs of the imagination and consciousness.  With words, say "text" in a Euro-sense descriptions can be enhanced by tone color, vivid description, connotations, synergistic audio, visual, and even olfactory and sense of touch, "feel," (I cannot help but remember one of my dad's jokes. He would say, "Are those pants cotton?  I'd look at him curiously.  He would pinch my leg pants included and say, "They are felt now."  Lol.)

I am a big fan still of "contemporary eighties writer" B.E. Ellis.  In American Psycho he goes to great details of the simple "medicine chest and neighborhood."  It is not where it goes on like something forever.  It is just outside a heavy tolerance to boredom.  Boredom brings peace.  The first verse is the intro in a liberal sense.  The hyper-descriptive brings a textbook of creative writing theme concentrated in context density.  It is a fine example of student exercises, although at the professional level.  High art/low art.  Any difference? Mike Myers is a boldly said, "NO!"  Are you writing NOW?  You are probably contemporary in genre of a perspective of sorts.

What I basically am saying is go outside limits;  Yes, describe.  Awareness is the first key to sanity and serenity. Use the whole you.  Wholeness and completion are health.  That is something you want.  Even if it is the case that you want to be the "Next S.King."  Look up, read about Nabokov's synergy, a neurological, sensual situation meaning of the senses.  That is where the gravy is.  Colors; light, pastel, dark, obscure, bright, brilliant, and the nihilistic "biege" set the scene.  If you found you need to be going out for a walk, and find yourself scouting out locations with a whole universe of character, characters,and characteristics, finish the footwork.  Describe.  What is it that triggered the awareness?  What brought it along?   Why do you ask yourself questions of what your subcosciousness has manifested?    Take some no-line, unlimiting paper and sketch out details.  In Hebrew "satan" is an infinitive meaning "to hinder."  The devil is in the details.  This is where you want the pesky hinderance, where it in the long run captures a glorious moment forever so to speak, is worth the resistance.  It makes you stronger.

Do you see synergy as a gift?  It is.  Develop it at least verbally in analogies.  And also with your writing paint the subconscious which can be sensed when unwanted ideas drift into a meditation, where some topic that resurfaces indeed resurface untimely/timely.  Where an area with a lesson you have not learned yet and are reminded ... that would be a good topic to explore for uses in many ways.  Here is an opportunityto write to learn!  Later.