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Everyone knows this nowhere, no-where, now-here ... a good thing.

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When I was in undergrad with sophomoric, "philosophilic," ... discussions, talks, ("talkies") dreams shared with friends, and other cool  experiences were that.  Unlimited open-air cafes bred freedom, ...from toxic schools, a falling from grace.  The creative productive times manifested to bowing down to  "product." To "service."  We were young though and able to take on sub-human monsters.  We had some gems.  Back packs were yet to be in fashion at every school and university.  (early 80s)  The entrepreneur was evolving from the mirke.  By climbing we saw the growth, the potential.  We had the know-how, the energy to walk through this project to the journey as summit.  Herbal teas were the talk of the of the town. ... We could get cordura cheaply, inexpesive.  We passed.  Then it was a ... bivouac sack, a one man/woman tent, light weight with other assets.  So what about creativity? It was a bloom where you are planted theme for some of us. Nurturing were the talks. Work is a tonic.  Work begets work.  We began generating product/service, al beit creatively.  Where we were was ...Now-here, blossoming.  Death to our right livelihoods was not an option.  Like Garcia of the Dead, he first lived to play, then played to live.  Intrepretations abound.

More powerfully were the healthy words of strength to carry out dreams. The "project" as it were, grew in popular response from some sense of a "with-in, with-out."  Just as "story" is the just one textual word, so for "project." I have after much searching including meditation. I found not a universal soluition, more as a mantra, an affirmation(s).  Moreso it is maintenance.  A spiritual one at that.  Embedded in a very hardy way was a sense manifesting and holism, its own pulse and in five tennets.  First; I am ... .  secondly  I am blissful ... I will ... I can ... ,  I act.  This five-faced tool aligns oneself spiritually.  And at least as a good start on the entreprenial hope schedule, the affirmations/journaling are good tools.  Excellent tools.  Go at it.  If not now, when? There is work "in the field."

Experiment this week with little/subtle change.  See how growth happens. Develop fledgling intuition. Look for it. Thank you, and let us know about your experience.




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Worth doing; worth writing about. Worth writing about it, worth doing

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So I have been DIY with guitar and keyboard effects, modules and synths.  I started out with some youtube demonstrations that were few parts and simple.  Guess what? It worked.  Before I had a chance ro write a schematic and article I was on to a next one.  Well, I have about ten that would be candidates for a reasonable provisional (year patent) on them.  Most are original with others being major modified kits, et c.  So I am putting them into a cabinet after some fiddling with panels for the studio rack.  I am still convinced it is worthy of an article/booklet/chapter for an ebook.  Do you have something like that in mind for yourself?  It is found very much so that writing about an interest leads to a wonderful way to learn.  I used to process returning students at the university.  It is never too late to learn. Oberlin College says "Learning and Labor."  Find yourself the path.  Remove limiting situations.  Plan, schedule, ...produce!!!  If you have questions and ideas let me know.  I have had fairly long relationships with interests like; model airplanes, climbing,music, art, business, the health mindset, learning about learning, study skills,  exercise (swim/bike/run/racewalking), the list continuing such  as land surveying, starting a business/business plan writing, ... .  Have fun!

Stay the Same and It Stays the Same

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Last week it was; the changes happened if you made change, little/small and light/to deeply rooted solutions directly and unrelated seemingly.   So to change from one situation to another might need to take a specific and/or general difference in paradigm. That fact of being on progressive motion where it is to bring meaning and life to dead dreams look more and more promising. Sometimes it is filled with obstacles blocking the path to a goal.  Let go of the frustration.  This where opportunity lies.  We see making change breeds change of sorts, some expected others not.  The game allows that not making a change is an option, other time factorsm and scheduling may come in to play.  And the clincher, expect others to interfere with your project.  Like a foot race a "loser" comes in at the end. Staying the same can be not unlke a shark that keeps moving, must ...  even while sleeping to keep water over his/her gills.  Other times, a day to think, evaluate is a good tool in decision making especially when involving money.  See that staying the same has consequences too.  A best bet is to keep a journal of sorts to be growing insight, an intuition.  Mostly be free from any idea of quitting.  Why?  You might be walking out five minutes before th e miracle happens, something in your favor.  Persistence works.  The secret is it is all hardwork.  That is a supportive comment, like "Be free from quitting your day job."  Here a good attitude necessarily that has potential to make leaps/bounds in growing, maturing.  You are bigger.  A drunk says, "Don't quit your day job."  He/she says "You are  a no-talent."  No.  You are "developing your talents."  A famouse artist said to improve your art, improve your life.  Ghandi said a similar; change yourself to change the world. You are in good company.  Pick up more tools and healthy responses to life's challenges. Life on life's terms is healthy. Grow and develop yourself.  Even though hard work is expected it is a good investment in your efforts, how ever noticeable.  And it is good for life.  This is a good choice.  The investment of writing time and progressive status is time nearing the construct of a creative energy manifested to such things as healing, gain, beauty, strength, control, and a happiness if chosen.  Being happy is a choice, ... yes.  You can write, the meantime. (below; Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate)

Make Changes, ... to Make Changes.

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"Is There Such a Thing as Good Weather for Writing?"

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Writing weather?  I believe in it.  Still write any way you can, and that is a just-as-well.  If you have been in this game of writing for a while, you know sometimes you need to be writing instead of obstructions, divergent projects, and the lot getting the best of you.  You might have been in a sort where there was no feel for the "now-I-am-in-the-mood?"  I was taught write until you want to, then  show up at the page if you want.

Fixing Paintings; Find your own analogy!

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This week's successes included fixing a painting of Allen Ginsberg, who I met personally in Kent, 1996 about Memorial Day.  Also I also fixed a work "after studying  Picasso." Both worked out.  I started under the mis-believe that all works should be painted to completion.  The idea was in the medium doing something I enjoyed would be a fair measure of attention span.  I found myself clocking in 12 hrs. straight, painting non-stop.  This caused me to throw out the idea.  It ended up like drinking the whole bottle of red wine because it is there.  Might as well?  Then the next stepping stone was seeing that from the quote "a wise man stops along the way."  So it is a journey. (new book cover.)

I started to get the idea.  Make decisions that are healthy, watch the "alcoholic bet," other responses from a dry drunk/addict. "You are a no-talent" where you are developing your talent.  Take care healthily of oneself.  A quote; take care of yourself to take care of your art.  ... Grab all the tools you can!

My expression of the "creative force" is in music, art and writing.  I have introduced making effects pedals for guitars and synths  modules lately.  It can be zen-like, open-minded, ... solutions for the problems ... . I run with one medium for a while, switch, back around cycling around to other challenges.  It keeps me fresh. Changes are inevitable.  Changes by choice often prevent forced changes.  This week I saw;  The intelligent have solutions.  The genuis has the preventive "medicine."  I have found my soldering iron that was misplaced for the last week.  Time to get the "inventor hat" on!  

Title? Good Sir!!?

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Blog time!  Ever feel like you are driven within, are free of any less need that would push one ahead, ... would in that state of more-is-never-better, one trapses along until ... the decline is happening and one does not know when it will stop?Really that is a mess to sort through where did all the loose ends start; 14K emails in the box, unwritten letters of intent for promises to keep, the books need "mending," the antiHerin tee shirts are a better idea when in the initial phase it seemed similar to a good idea, everybody is doing it and sales is the next target yet not quite ready.    Hey, it is ok. You are a self-actualised person!

Really.  Yes.  Really.  Delegate, execute executive plans with the appropriate thinking skills.  Surrender is "not I quit."  Outside the box solutions come.  Then within with changes.  Nothing is going to change without making changes, changing yourself, i.e. The pathogen can turn on you.  It can be your defense system trigger to take action healthily.  Rely on something outside your normal "space."  One out-stretched hand of your is like a thousand hands back at you.  If you do not things cannot change, take a walk.  You will see change.  Your immune system, stronger now, is doing a better job.  Call it progress.  Call me Ischmael.  Okay, progress.  I guarantee adding change as through the Nash Equilibrium Theorem change is bound to happen.  Obstacles are opportunity.  They are growing stones/pain stepping along.  (Yes, in the right direction, rectifying the work, the situation.)  Affirmative? Timely slogans to better writing;

Be imeccable with your words.

Don't take anything personally. 

Don't make assumptions.

Take a step back with accurate timing.

Keep an open ming.

By the grace of G_d Blessed Be He go I.

Let go, and let G_d ... be G_d.

Listen and learn.

Next right move.

If not now, when?

Easy does it. It gets it done 

Live your own life.  Let others live theirs.

And have a little fun,


Publishing Status and Else.

Posted on October 10, 2017 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

It is maintenance again here and developing the total inventory of books.  The focus is one at a time.  Besides my own I have Edna Kluth's entries through the Holocaust, a spiritually based collection of writings from H.Watson, and recently  a book from a documentary on domestic violence with entry in a film festival  in Ohio, also a creative Dylanesque-type (Tarantula) stream-of-consciousness. We are also making tee-shirts with excellent graphic arts.