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Think of Being ...

Posted on February 24, 2018 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

In regards you are the avant garde.  Nothingness has in being ... nothing-ness. That simple? Some, others, don't mind, mind.  They are yielding growth.  Growth happens when responses change for the better.  Ethics committees need be in use and straightening out itself.  Everywhere.  "Study houses" everywhere.  All individuals will advance by knowing consequences and ethics.  There will be no need for formal government and anarchy will not be in the"old pre-gain" days/  It is not an "alone" state of being.  Individual situations of self-knowing ethics grow.  Maturation  is helping. 
Torah has that a group, a community had required all must obtain ethics as a basis for individual and in general, in communities.  Again,not "Sid Vicious" anarchy.  A driven  justice, both individual and group/general public (All), a "fair court" before G_d Blessed Be He.  Yes. 

Think of nothingness, Well?

Posted on February 11, 2018 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Nothingness follows.   Homework;  Q?  You lead.  Take the reigns

What were we thinking?

Posted on February 11, 2018 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

What is new? The big celebration with us, here at PGPLLC, is that a client recved $1100 for his books.  I keep saying; dont leave five minutes before the miracle happens.  I am approaching a large number of manuscripts, and in the first re-evaluation of manuscripts the distribution is key.  Approachable at the least part, yes.Today and last night I have my twenty and so patch chords as the puzzle unfolds.  Have fun.  Start NOW! Think. Inventory converted to a usable time line adds power.  Count all successes you can.  From walking to yard work ... .


TE McCormick, M.A.

You dont need a masters degree to write.  Write what is worth doing. Do what is right for you to write about.  

Eye level. ...And Other Constructs with Consequential Events.

Posted on January 27, 2018 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

An early action is to take defense for your eyes. I will begin w/ this and grow with a wholeness, completeness to either unboundedness (eternal skies/lives/stories), to either also bounded and compleat, say compact with density of "story." (and for your story say?:  Take what you want.  Leave the rest.)

 In some areas compactness has, as a connotation of "context dense."  The Rule of Three, (... doeth puzzle me.  Practice drives me mad.  Multiplication is vexation and division just as bad.  The Lewis Carrol thing?  Yes.) ... the rule posed is the trichotomy we are looking toward; all situations?  The work for all is to communicate events punctuated with "moments."  And include/entail as an exercise expression. 

To being having had protect your eyes (theme) is begun with awareness by relaxation techniques of Dr. Benson some years ago.  And ... I add even some transcendental techniques, id  est, stopping temporarily at the top and the bottom of the inhale/exhale.  It is a powerful learning tool.  Free association is at home here.  What is positive/negative ... and neutral, at least for the time being is in its manifestation.  (It also is an organic method of tuning into one's body with the factor of time.)  The sky is literally w/ no limitations with its fluidity.

 The cases are these three for a beginning, body and a reiteration of what was exposed as a basis to the learned/exposed.  More easily-Say what you are showing/demonstrating this idea (showing)/finally the repeat of the motif, the theme however liberal.


Here we have awareness of threats to one's eyes as well as healthy loci regarding position.


Here is manifestation.  We are developing wellness to a compleatness as the goal/achievement in comfortable "healing." (dis-comfort, dis-ease) Familiarity in a supportive positive way, an objective where one becomes more comfortable, at ease creating sequentially wholeness positions the construct in closure.  The need for more is better becomes healthily replaced by a contentment. This is an anti-pathogen step, like introducing a vaccine in smaller doses to "train" the immune system and integrate say a tritation level, so to speak that combats the pathogen and forms a conducive environment, whether learning and labor.


In the review section, i.e., here, we thrive on slowing down, say, arresting  even ... the psychological toxicity and relish the shift paradigm bringing us to closing our eyes and having restful restorative view.  It may take a few goings at the comfort level.  A strong decision and strategy are to add to the tools the associations as a connecting/connected system; a network then is in bathing in ethics for decision making, here seeing an integration making the construct as component status.  This opens simply to growth, the final ie, progess.  And always over perfection.  The state of wholeness is an equilibrium of transactions, as the Nash Equilibrium Theorem in economics, etre.  A state of wholeness with all in preserve. The rest?  The exercises are left to the student to create by the gentle provocation, the earlier paragraphs.

Thanks and bye for now. TE M.


Posted on January 21, 2018 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been working with a client about three years.  Last week he got two checks for writing, an $800, then $300!!!  As an old government brochure said; It pays to work.  We are basically doing the right things. ...  for sequential growth and creativity.  I will be approaching the 'base camp mindset,' travelling light! His fiield he chose is very fertile ground; robots.  All for now.  Celebrate successes!


Regrouping Productive Action, Activity, Life Mindset Areas

Posted on January 13, 2018 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

So I will go out on a limb and say "query,"  better even to acknowledge changes that are strategical moves to a better environment for self and others. Regroup? Try and do see changes in the sorting/prioritizing of sequential events.  Be in the current moment?  If at all possible.  Fulfill the title by being productive taking action, make changes with vision and underlying purpose and ...?  Enterpret your current assets.  Inventory your life areas that regularly come into awareness and as well leave.

No Rules, Only Ethics.

Posted on December 30, 2017 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

How may I, mighten I help you? We can guide as one facet, maybe enough times. We are opening lines of tee-shirts, anti-heroin etc.  Any talents, music, art, writing, etc are in the"developing your talents" mode. 

I have always liked the part of me that  take as first hand a strong path of recovery.  Recovery from an anorectic art spell, recovery with your life and creativity, directions to a more progressive state from a dreaded step to momentum. 

What can start in motion? Find insights.  Take what you want.  Then "you may leave." Really.  Leave the rest.  And the day job kept is a strong asset and compatible with creativity.  I often pick up journals for a dollar.  That might send me to making a "next right move."  (NRM.)  I had let myself begin to slip back in persons, places, things.  That is in a consumer mode, rather than a "producing" mode.  You want to produce, not consume.  That was what, yes, ... Windows 8-8.2 were about.  Maybe too much, timing-wise.  All? ... nonetheless a stepping stone.  Much hard work.  Much the path of producing, to be as habitual as is healthy.  It contains answers to questions that are locked into the question. 

We are still in the stages of paper/digital here.  Keep a closer eye for change.  Making one "minimally of importance" with change, ... listen.  Logically if one, even one small change is made, then the consequences begin transformation, ... add tact/ethics/thoughtfulness/mindfulness.  Show up at the page.  Find the healing, comforting energy of restorative rest.  (Two 20 min. sessions a day are a good maintenace start.)

Ask questions that you really need to complete a task.  When I got into MENSA I felt at liberty to say, "I do not know." Study the situation, realising facts and facets, Separate major from  minor goals.  Use new learning techniques, thinking skills, study skills.  This your life. "Choose life."

Thanks, Todd E.


Posted on December 23, 2017 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been experimenting over some time about the mix and synergy occuring in creativity and especially the energy coming together to form an inductive whirling dervish from my faves; music, art, writing including creative non-fiction.  I feel most alive when in a week I have nurtured the intertwining, the tapestry of productive labourious learning and labor, working the beautiful cadence, the play of a foil and its master, a dance cerebrally.  ... the concrete, ... .I have washed the slate clean for now; I prethink about integrating klezmer on violin, piano, the feverish flamenca pulling out over fifty years on the guitar (started at five years of age; 1967), compositions, Two artistic lessons come up. Take three discrete non-related supposedly objects and work them into one work of art ant medium.  Secondly the violin I play melds with jazz; for my experiences are jazz, Miles Davis Brubeck D. Reinhardt, Juan Martin, klezmer, and classical Perlman-esque areas.  It is making me grow.  That has to be a good sign.  On May 29th, 2017 I got top 500 in jazz with Reverbnation GLOBALLY over at least six thousand players,  Woww. Twenty straight minutes at the keboard rewarded the situation.

Help needed as we are starting a magazine, also needs; after-editing formatting.  We are also in the current movie ads for situations, You-tube etc.  We appeared in the first Ohio Valley indie film festival;  RS Ebert was the main strength and appearances were in a sampler 35 min.  Poster, book cover, music (piano w/ the documentary), letters of intent.

Thank you, 

TE McCormick M.A.

In a Week's Time, a Day at a Time; Schedule the Time

Posted on December 16, 2017 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I love the season;  The seasons of nature, pantheism, cycles of familiar weather, colors of clothes changing, a different sameness, a different sameness, cup of coffee, cup of tea, spring and vernal green new life and hope.  Trees, color, change, wicked good realism of the possibilties.  There is a rhythm to business and seasonality.  I am hoping that you grow to see changes only a writer could see.  I sat down and wrote/edited about fifteen pages.  I tried to remember what was my scheduling to write a large amount, produce a yield spurred on by coffee.  You have heard the formula; writer pkus coffee produces word count increases.  I used to write straight thru on Mondays, 10a to 10p.  My character comes from various outside thing I did; rock climbed, went to  school and graduate, had various hobbies, music, art, writing, even model airplanes in my younger days.  Taught college six years, worked at swim team masters managing the sports club.  Worked at a bookstore in a college town.  If you feel like it is bad timing, forget it. Write, write and #$@&^ some more.  Like George Carlan; have some @#$% fun.  Last not least Dylan/James Taylor/Jusuf-Cat Stevens/ ... had what I was looking for; ideas universal as writers.  Apologese who I left out.  You are important. Write.  Stay free of codependence, toxic people, generate instead of degenerating.  Start your own festivus!  Oh, on May 29, 2017 I was 482 globally in jazz on piano.  Top five hundred.  I am going for top 100 next time!  There were literally thousands behind me.  Still I only compete with my past!